I attached the GL-AR-300M via cable to the main router:

When I’m connected via wi-fi to the GL-AR300M I get 1MB or little more:
When I connect directly to the router I get about 20MBps… twenty times as much.

And now differently from this old topic I opened GL-AR300M very slow repeater the frequencies are not shared between LAN and WAN, the AR300M uplink is wired!

Nevertheless, the performances are ridicolously low. What can I do to work around this big issue?
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If you use wire for Internet, the speed should not be such low.

You may try changing wifi channel and try again.

Just to be clear, this is AR300M, not the one with external antenna, right?

This is the one with the external antenna indeed.

Please note that it is not Wi-Fi related: I just tried attaching a laptop on the only LAN port available and I still got 1.2 MBps!

Firmware is 3.105_beta2.

It looks like it’s a main router issue with Ethernet.
If I connect to it via wi-fi (using GL-inet as a repeater) I get decent speeds.

Thanks and sorry for the loss of time.

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