GL-AR300M very slow repeater

This has been reported with no solution as far as I could understand.

Running firmware 3.104.
Performances while connected to the AR-300M are half to one third than when connected to the main router, despite the main router being placed much further away than where I am.

Original router:


This happens consistently and repeatedly, always.

This drop of speed is quite unacceptable. Is it just a limitation of the hardware and I should buy a more performant router? Or is there anything I can do about it?

I am using no vpn and the very default
settings. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

While this is the fact of repeater on 2.4G network.

If you main router has 5G wifi, you can try dual-band router and repeat on 5G, recommend AR750 or AR750s.

Repeater on 5G will be much faster.

Thank you Alzhao for your nice feedback.

Would any other mode than “repeater” be any faster?

Thank you again,

Not sure what you mean. Any model recommend? AR750, AR750s should be fine.

Sorry if that was not clear. I meant with repeater or extender mode, with the current AR300M router, could I get better results performance-wise?

Thank you

Just wanted to say that the speed bumped UP to 30MBps with apparent no reason.

What could have happened in the while? Why such a massive difference in performance?

Repeater on 2.4G is very interference sensitive. It looks normal actually.


If you are using in WiFi repeater mode on a single band router like the AR300M (2.4Ghz only ) then normally you would expect to only get around half the bandwidth obtainable on the original router. You have to remember you are now using the one band to not only connect from the AR300M to the original router and also to connect your WiFi device to the AR300m so effectively halving your bandwidth. Add on top of that potentail 2.4Ghz interference from other 2.4Ghz WiFi routers potentially reduces it further.

What Alzhao was indicating was that if you have a dual band router then you repeat on one band using it’s “full” bandwidth and then use the other band’s “full bandwidth” for your WiFi LAN network.