GL-AR750 disable DHCP on LAN


I have a GL-AR750 which I want to attach to another router which is wired only, and use the GL-AR750 to connect to a wifi network and act as the WAN link for the other router.

I want the other router to be the DHCP Server.

So I want to disable the DHCP Server on the GL-AR750.

My scenario is similar to this post

However when I look at changing the router mode from router to access-point, there is a warning in the admin portal that having done this: “you may not connect to this UI again”.

So I’m not sure if this is what I should be doing. If I change to access point, how do I then configure the GL-AR750?

I will need to configure it to join a specific wifi network.




I have been investigating further.

I want to stay in router mode (I think), as I will need to configure the DMZ.

So I just want to be able to disable the DHCP Server


I was able to work this out.

Change Max DHCP leases from unlimited to 0

Cool router

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The correct way is to modify /etc/config/dhcp and add option ignore '1'


Is this still the correct way to disable DHCP on LAN?

I would have thought a simple toggle in the GUI would have been implemented by now.

Yes it is.

In Bridge mode (AP, extender, wds mode) the DHCP is turnned off automatically. I am not sure in what scenario you want to do this manually.

There is a toggle in LuCI → Network → Interfaces → LAN → Edit → DHCP Server:

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