GL-AR750 disable DHCP on LAN


I have a GL-AR750 which I want to attach to another router which is wired only, and use the GL-AR750 to connect to a wifi network and act as the WAN link for the other router.

I want the other router to be the DHCP Server.

So I want to disable the DHCP Server on the GL-AR750.

My scenario is similar to this post

However when I look at changing the router mode from router to access-point, there is a warning in the admin portal that having done this: “you may not connect to this UI again”.

So I’m not sure if this is what I should be doing. If I change to access point, how do I then configure the GL-AR750?

I will need to configure it to join a specific wifi network.




I have been investigating further.

I want to stay in router mode (I think), as I will need to configure the DMZ.

So I just want to be able to disable the DHCP Server


I was able to work this out.

Change Max DHCP leases from unlimited to 0

Cool router

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The correct way is to modify /etc/config/dhcp and add option ignore '1'


Is this still the correct way to disable DHCP on LAN?

I would have thought a simple toggle in the GUI would have been implemented by now.

Yes it is.

In Bridge mode (AP, extender, wds mode) the DHCP is turnned off automatically. I am not sure in what scenario you want to do this manually.

There is a toggle in LuCI → Network → Interfaces → LAN → Edit → DHCP Server:

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I have done this but my router now cant access internet to use wireguard or any updates, and this router is for offsite vpn connection , it needs internet acces, there is no option to disable DHCP specifially for lan

WAN (wired | wireless) - Router mode (no DHCP) - (wired | wireless) - WAP +

It looks like this thread relates to my problem too…

I am specifying a router device to be included in multiple field systems for deployment in remote locations where we must rely on a host network. These systems already contain a wireless access point (WAP) (Moxa AWK-3131A) which has DHCP, DNS, etc already configured. We cannot change this set-up, but we need to add a capability for internet connection for data transmission and remote control. Depending on the field location, this can be either wired or wireless, but more often wireless. Likewise, the WAN side may be either wired or wireless, but again more often wireless.

The wired option should be straightforward, but wireless to wireless routing looks problematic. Wireless range extension is not an option as the two networks must remain independent. There are 4 scenarios:

Scenario internet router Host Network connection
1 Wired Ethernet to Moxa network switch Wired Ethernet
2 Wired Ethernet to Moxa network switch Wi-Fi
3 Wi-Fi client of Moxa WiFi Wired Ethernet
4 Wi-Fi client of Moxa WiFi Wi-Fi < most likely

On the surface, GL.inet devices, particularly the GL-A1300 looks like it may be a candidate for such deployments, but the documentation and this thread make it unclear if the DHCP & DNS LAN functions can be disabled when in router mode. We must leave those functions on the existing WAP for field user usbility. Can anyone assist?

If this is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative routers that could support the above?

Thanks in advance.

Since the OS is fully customizable it’s totally possible to disable those functions. You should look up how to disable it in the OpenWrt wiki

Thanks Aaron. I’ll look into it.

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