GL-AR750 new firmware


First of all, I want to thank you for what an amazing product you built, I have been using it now for over a year with great results!

I have recently started using and by following the thread NextDNS in latest firmware? I managed to configure it with stubby, but it felt a bit hacky.

There is also a new version of openwrt and some security fixes that were released since the last firmware, in addition the ar750s is running quite a new version too.

Do you have any date for when you plan to release a new version of the firmware?

OK. Will update AR750 3.104 beta version asap.

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Thank you. Been running it for a bit now without problems, any chance to promote it to stable?


We will promote only if we added nextdns to our UI.

I thought that is not coming until a new version of openwrt?

@alzhao why will the new firmware not be released unless nextdns is added to the UI? I would like the update.

I do not mean that. I mean we will only promote nextdns function after we add it to the UI.

While you can always do this by yourself.

@alzhao I am mostly concerned with getting the latest openwrt build. Does the latest firmware include that, and when will it be released?