NextDNS in latest firmware?

I am impressed with latest firmware giving option to select DNS from list of DNS providers but I couldn’t find NextDNS there. The service is awesome and can be customized from your account and is free.

yes. We know NextDNS and will add to the list.

I disagree, there must be the possibility to insert any dns tls and it is not just two commercial services.

I avoid regardless of commercial dns services as far as they can say not to log

They are paid after 300k queries and offer you to enable or disable logging. Provides very good adware or malicious sites filter.

Have you seen ?

If you are European, no obvious problem that if you live in other contexts, your response can increase

it’s all foss and believe me, it deserves a nice donation of 10 € for the service that the dns offers compared to the classic anycast on 5500 servers with different data laws for each country

They are also free in Beta, lets you configure ad/malware/tracker blocking as well as white/black list, logs and analytics(!) and supports DNS-TLS (and DNS over HTTPS or DoH). It took a bit of configuration, but replacing the stubby config with the one on the setup page worked perfectly. Even the direct dnsmasq.conf adjustments worked, but I wanted the encryption.

As far as paid, the VPN services (including the new wireguard ones!) are better than trying to do the cut-paste stuff by hand. And you can always just use the files.

And as far as I know the base DNS service would still be free, only the blocks/logs/etc. and only after 300k inquiries.

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