GL-AR750S EXT firmware 4.3.6 TTL mangle rule?

Hello. I have a GL-AR750S EXT with which I previously used custom firewall rules to mangle the TTL to 65. That worked fine with Verizon.

The router unexpectedly got updated to firmware 4.3.6. In addition to changing the SSID and wifi password, it no longer changes the TTL.

I don’t recognize the interface for Luci. Can someone assist me with restoring the custom TTL code?


This seems more than related:

… & once back to your expected config, don’t forget to

I’m incapable of understanding what was written and unwilling to engage with someone (not yourself) whose communication seems disrespectful to the person they’re supposedly “helping”.

What I’m hoping to get is a few steps of instructions as to where in the GUI I can enter a few lines of course to restore the functionality I had in the past. That GUI changed significantly in the new firmware.

Yeah fair enough.

I highly doubt you’ll be able to do this via the GL GUI. You’ll need LuCI & be able to ssh into the Slate. The aforementioned HOW-TO has that all covered.

I’ve never had the need to set TTL so I guess I should be asking if you want this to apply to all network interfaces (easiest) or just the a specific one? I’m not terribly proficient in firewalling but I think between the two of us we can get’er done.

(Either way, I’ve been ‘burnt’ by auto-updates destroying my equipment setups in the past too; be sure to disable it!)

It’s my understanding that the Slate was upgraded to openwrt 22 with the 4.x firmware. This post should help with setting the TTL. Changing TTL in OpenWrt 22.03

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You’re right. As of 4.3.6, “Built based on OpenWrt 22.03.4”.