GL-AR750S-Ext reboot/restart

My GL-AR750S-Ext is plugged in a powerbar with a rocker switch that I turn off at the end of the day. By mistake, I turned it off during the day. I realized that it was a mistake and turned it back on, may be 2 or 3 seconds after turn it off.

After that I couldn’t get any connection, even after multiple power off/on cycles. I couldn’t even connect to

I tried the “4 seconds press” to reset the network. That didn’t work. Nothing worked and I still couldn’t connect to

I had to do the “10 seconds manufacturer default” and re-enter my configurations (not too bad, it took me less than 10 minutes, everything is written down).

Is there any instruction/doc on turn it on/off/restarts?

Thank you

I was having issues getting mine to reset just now. You know its working properly when you see the flashing sequence on the power LED as described below:

The correct way:
After the router boot (the router have to boot up), simple hold down the reset button, the first led (power LED) will start to flash. It will flash once per second. 3 seconds later it will flash twice per second. 8 seconds later it will flash 4 times per second.

Now release your finger and wait the router to reboot.

Here’s a link to the original post:

Thanks, that answer my question.

Now, to the complaint deparment! :cry:

Why isn’t this in the documentation on the reboot & reset of the networking section?

I’ve had all kind of problems where the reboot/reset didn’t work that I previously posted about

You mean this one?

Yes, this one, but it doesn’t explain the flashing and which lights are on or should be on…


Addition to my previous answer:

  1. It doesn’t list the flashing of the power and the other leds being off
  2. It doesn’t state that it will reboot and that the user will have to wait until the full reboot is done which is 65 seconds on my AR750S-ext.

I waited and nothing happened, still dead, redo it again and again… I didn’t wait for the full 65 seconds because I didn’t know.