GL-AR750S-Ext VPN Policies work but kill internet

I am using a new GL-AR750S-Ext and NordVPN. If I disable the VPN, everything works great. If I enable the VPN, everything works great. If I add a single policy (mac or ip based) the policy works, and that traffic is routed over the VPN, but all of the other devices on my network essentially become unusable. Websites will start to load and never finish. If I run a speed test, it looks like it starts fine, but then freezes and pops up a socket error message.

The whole purpose of this purchase was to route 3 televisions only through a VPN, and I am either missing something, or something is broken. I tried both the latest stable firmware and the test firmware with the same results. Any ideas?

Can you give an example of which website has problems? I can test the same.