GL-AR750S-Ext VPN Policies work but kill internet

Any updates on this?

I can confirm that this issue is also present on Firmware 3.105 when using Mullvad with OpenVPN and Domain/IP “Do Not Use VPN” rule. The “openwrt-gl-ar750s-fix-policy” firmware still works correctly.

vpn policies seem to work with proton vpn and open vpn for me for now on 3.105.

however, mullvad does not seem to work in conjunction with vpn policies (wireguard) still.

Mullvad need the router to set up correct mtu to work. MTU is modified in 3.105 if there is any difference.

We will do extensive testing on this.

My trails on 3.104 was using a self set MTU.
In 3.105 was using the preset MTU.
In both cases didn’t work for me. All using Mullvad & Wireguard

the “fix-policy” firmware was based on v3.104, right?
where can i get it?

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This is an email from their support…
"We will try to find out the old policy fix firmware and put it online.

Really have no idea because each time it works in my side."

I have the same problem with 3.105, I’m using ExpressVPN - openVPN. The openwrt-gl-ar750s-fix-policy fixed the problem.

@aelserafy Using the same configuration on my side did not have the problems you described, but you can try the firmware in the link, I made some adjustments

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This firmware has properly functioning MAC based VPN policy filtering using Wireguard and Mullvad.

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This firmware seems to be causing my ar750 to lose connection. I’m using strongvpn and wireguard. Turning on the VPN policy seems affect everyone the same regardless if they are on the rules apply/don’t list. I’m pretty disappointed in the level of quality of firmware that is being released. It’s making me realize I probably need to stick to more established manufacturers. I don’t think Cisco or Netgear release firmware that has these types of issues.

I noticed that using this FW, after a period of ~12 hrs, the connection would be very slow. And afterwards, one of 2 scenarios happen:

  1. the router restarts
  2. Or, the connection is restored and local router management is no longer accessible while the router is still manageable via!

is this fix included in 3.201?

Glad this issue is already adressed. I face the same issue. When (Open)VPN is active and the VPN Policy is set to Domain/IP, my internet connection gets very unstable. When starting a speed test, the speed seems ok at first but then the connection breaks down entirely and the connection gets lost. I have the GL-X750 with Firmware Version 3.104-3105.

Yes this is addressed in 3.201


After 3 days of usage of the 3.201_b2, the issue is back!
It’ll be good if we knew the issue exactly and what was adjusted by @luochongjun on the 4th of Jan. in 3.105
I’m back to the 3.105 fixed version.

Has benn fixed in 3.201_beta4.

For my (probably related) issue…

(I needed to connect the AR750S to a wireguard VPN, send all traffic through the tunnel, but allow devices on the wifi to connect to VPN themselves, so VPN policy had to allow bypass of the VPN to the VPN server IP only. This wasn’t working in out of the box 3.105.)

… I found that 3.105-104 and 3.201b4 didn’t work. 3.201b4 allowed bypass but only to IPs that were not the wireguard server IP. The only way I found to get this to work was to downgrade to 3.104.

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Hi, I have the same task. So 3.104 does allow bypass?


I bought mine just recently; it came with 3.105. This did not seem to allow IPs defined in Policy to bypass wireguard. I then tried 3.105-104 and 3.201b4. I don’t remember specifics of 3.105-104, but 3.201b4 mentioned above does allow connections to bypass wireguard - as long as it was not the VPN server’s IP. (The opposite of what I needed!)

I found that only by downgrading to 3.104 was I able to get all devices (without clients) to go through the VPN, but devices (with a wireguard client) were able to reach the VPN server directly without going through the wireguard tunnel. I was not able to use the UI to downgrade from 3.201b4 to 3.104, it broke and I had to use the uboot method.

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