GL-AX1800 Flint DHCP


I’m looking to get the above router but would like a question answered if someone would be so kind.

When Adguard Home is turned on will the router use the DHCP via this or will i need to turn off DHCP on the router to use Adguard’s DHCP?

From using Adguard before on a Pi device i turned off DHCP on my router and enabled it on Adguard but knowing this is built into the router I’m unsure how this would work.

I want to be able to see who websites are being visited by each device on my network.


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Hi, I use the DHCP client from the router and leave the DHCP client in AdGuard disabled.

Had to do some port forwarding, as stated in another thread, to get the IP addresses of the individual devices to be shown.

This is the link - GL-MV1000 with AdGuard all clients show as localhost - #31 by morcheba


Thank you. Now I feel comfortable making this purchase.

Appreciate it.