GL-AXT1800 crash after connecting to a 5Ghz Wifi

Can you provide more data? Looks like the original bug was for 160mhz connections. Can you confirm the channel bandwidth, WPA2/WPA3/other, and any additional data points that could prove interesting? Is this happening to all 5ghz networks or one specifically? (If only one specifically, what is the name of the SSID? Does it have a super-long password or have extended characters in it?) Have you tried downgrading firmware by one version?

Bandwidth made no difference. It was happening to the 5GHz only. It had worked for a day or so then started doing this. I flashed the kernel to the 5.4 and that is working now, but the router is telling me to upgrade. It’s working, but it seems like it’s in a degraded state.

WPA2. SSID and password are not overly long and no extended characters.