GL-AXT1800 --Odd Wire Guard behavior...Need to change listing port to connect

Ok, had figured out one problem only to find another problem or odd behavior…everytime I “reconnect” my device (GL-AXT1800) to a new network, and try to run my Wire Guard client to access my WG server, it goes into an “ACTION =REKEY TIMEOUT” (on the LOG). It does this until I adjust or change out on the WG config file on the “listen port” then the WG client will connect to my WG server. Is this a “bug” or there is a configuration setup or change that I would need to do to prevent this from reoccurring. Thanks

Check this post, some VPN config files don’t work but I sure a manual work around can be found.

Thanks for the info but I am not using a VPN service provider. I am accessing my own WG server on pFsense that I have set up…

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Thanks for the info. It is very useful.

I will let developer to have a check.

Can I ask some details?

When you connect AXT1800 ot a new network, you mean another hotel wifi etc?

Did you disable Wireguard before you do that? Or you just rebooted the router, reconnect as repeater and let the Wireguard reconnect?

Even you disable wireguard, then reconnect, it cannot connect with the same listen port, right? When it does not connect and display TIMEOUT, can you ssh to the router and use wg command to check the status and give me the output?