GL-AXT1800 OpenWRT Image

GL-AXT1800 is not on the list of supported hardware ( I assume it is supported but just not listed? I would like to use the but the GL-AXT1800 is not on that list either. How do we get the GL-AXT1800 added to those lists?

Is the AX1800 the same as the AXT1800?

no, but they share the same hardware. on @solidus1983 webpage you’ll find openwrt firmware for both, AX and AXT 1800

Got it, thanks! I see the firmware for the AXT1800 and I’ll give it a try.

Just don’t go too crazy with trying to download the entire webpage at once. Currently have to try and keep my fix line internet working as my Mobile network is down an out till the 11th, because why take one mast down at a time when you can take the only two masts around down at once.

You got it! Thanks for hosting. I’ll be respectful.

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Just leaving this donut here :wink:

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What interface is that?

its the luci-mod-dashboard i use it so i don’t mix up which router i am connected to.