GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) stopped working

I checked into a Marriott hotel, connected the Slate AX to the ‘computer’ port for data, signed into the WIfI I previously set up before traveling and it worked fine. It worked fine for a day, then no internet connection, and can’t even sign into the WiFi. I can’t even sign into the address that is given for this item. It sound pretty much dead. In my review, it’s not worth it.

Turn off VPN, Adguardhom, DNS Rebinding attack protection, Override DNS Settings for All Clients. DNS should be automatic.
Clear your browser cache.
Does the LOG say anything?

I reset the modem pressing the reset button for 3 seconds. Watched blue blinking light then pure white and started working again. Set in router mode connected to wired ethernet mode from JW Marriott. I hope it keeps working

t keeps going down with no internet access. I usually can sign on with the IP address and attempt to reboot, but that is not working either. When it works, th is deice is really good. when it doesn’t which is everday, it stinks.

So it sounds like it might not be connecting to the right access point for your location in the hotel. Prehaps clear out Marriot repeater profile and setup new?
Also what Firmware are you using?

It’s not set as repeater. It is hardwired to an Ethernet port specified as‘computer’. The firmware is the newest one. My guess is when it hasn’t been accessed for a certain period of time, the data port goes into‘timeout’ mode

I tried to login again after letting it sit for over three hours to cooldown and reset. Once again, it doesn’t work at all, I can’t even get in to the listed IP address. This POS is getting returned as soon as I get back from this trip. What does actually work is using my iPhone 13 as a WiFi hotspot. I have unlimited data with my carrier so that is a lot easier and cost effective.

I have tried everything. Newest firmware. clearing and reset. Now, as I stated before, I cannot even sign in or access the IP address listed on the bottom of the device. Firmware was upgraded but now as I stated, not having access to the IP address makes solving problems an impossibility.
It just stopped functioning. Working that hard to just to get a connection when all I have to do use the IPhone as a hotspot makes zero sense. It shouldn’t be this much work with resets, searching, reboots and dynamic efforts just to get a connection. Return time to Amazon

There was a thread long time ago about using router in general at Marriot Hotels and that it doesn’t work. Try to find it. AFAIK, it’s not the problem of the router, rather the "security settings ’ of the hotel.

Edit: here it is

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