GL-B2200 Mesh wired backhaul

I have a GL-B2200 and my mesh setup wirelessly.

I tried to connect my nodes wired to their lan ports and the network becomes unusable.

Does the GL-B2200 support Mesh wired backhaul

You need to connect LAN of master node to WAN of slave nodes I believe.

I tried as well, still unusable.

As far as I know, the firmware does not support wired backhaul.

Have asked the developer to add wired backhaul in next release.

How can we be notified when a new firmware version is released?

I have a b2200 and a b1300 meshed together with a wired backhaul working… I think?

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Yes I think so.
Yes I think so.

kkiiddaa, how did you get this to work? I am trying to get my convex to mesh to a velica with no luck. Were you only able to get it working via hardwire? and was that just pretty much plug and play?

I think you have to use the latest snapshot firmware.

Sorry, but it is not possible, but is a much needed feature. I just setup three new B2200 with the newest firmware and you only can add “Sub” units via WiFi with-in range of the Main unit. I have one unit just out of reach and even after registering it and them moving it to a location on the other side of the house via Ethernet it will not connect to the mesh.

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I believe I did the normal mesh set up when they were close to each other, then moves the convexa to where i set the drop for the Ethernet connecting the two. Turned convexa back on (and I think it’s in port 1, not wan, but not sure rn). After that the Velica showed convexa in mesh, but only as another Velica.

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You are right. I was able to get this to work.

  1. Connect the new node via the app.
  2. Once it is part of the mesh hook the wired backhaul to the Lan port. Wait till the light turns from blue to white and you are good to go.

Sorry for the confusion on my part. I hope I didn’t discourage anyone. I have three B2200 and they are working flawlessly and the customer support has been amazing.


So what is the final result on the wired backhaul?
Im testing a Flint with 4 Velica’s.
Can I connect all Velicas to the flint lan ports via ethernet cable as a backhaul and configure the whole group as a mesh network?

Hi Alexi:

The MESH information synchronization of Flint MESH and Velica MESH is different. Perform the following operations:

1,Configure the Velica as the Main-node;
2,For Flint, Do not plug in any network cables.Then hold the button(sync) for 5 seconds. The purpose of this operation is to configure the Sub-node.
3, Velica and Flint are then wired together to form a local area network.

Hi Lizh
thanks for your reply,
As the devices are far from each other, Ethernet Backhaul is the only solution.
Can All the Velicas connect to Flint by ethernet cables.


PS: on Flint there seems NOT having any syns button.

It is on vacation now, so the reply will be a little slow.

For Flint, The buttons(sync) are next to the USB.

any way to connect 4 velica in a LAN WIRED MESH?

Set up 4 Velica in mesh.
Connect the 3 nodes to the main nodes with wire.

Does this work for you?

so I connect main node to my router.

what about the other 3? from router again?

if yes the app doesn’t find them.

and a “backhaul” wifi is created alone

The other 3 nodes, should not be connected when you set up.

After you setup, connect them to the main node, not your router.