GL-B2200 Velica firmware release schedule?

Do we know when differentiated firmware release schedule for the GL-B2200 Velica will be available?

Hi Duncan:
In late July, we will release a ‘snapshots test firmware’.


Thanks for the response, appreciate it.

Are you close to the new release? :raising_hand_woman:

Hi Duncan,
I’m very sorry that it having problems because of the update driver. I will do our best to release the beta as soon as possible.

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TBH the GL-B2200 is work in progress. I wish I had waited rather than be an early adopter :disappointed:

Any update on this? Is the GL-B2200 going to be updated any time soon?
What issues are you facing?

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Can you please explain the B2200 release schedule?
Has B2200 support been discontinued?

Same here, I need answers! With a realistic roadmap.

And if there are issues, you need to tell your customers, you’re letting them down for now.

I’ve had the same problem (sort of) with the Slate before. You are very good at getting the hardware out, nothing to complain about, but you have to speed up on the software updates afterward.

Thank you

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Have to agree here. Every other product seems to be being updated but not the Velica. Even just “basic” added functionality like the ability to remove clients from the inactive client list would be great.

Additionally I was willing to purchase the Velica at a “premium” because of the built in Zigbee to avoid having to purchase a seperate Zigbee hub for my home automation. Realized that the “Zigbee gateway function is under development” but didn’t realize that I’d have to wait so long and get absolutely no feedback on it.

Not sure if it’s because it’s the lowest selling product so development is “least important” to Gl-Inet? Regardless those that did purchase the Velica deserve at least the same service as those that bought their much cheaper products.

If it can’t be developed any further because of “the update” driver, then let your customers know to set the (zero) expectation.

Velica, the “Harry Potter” of the Gl-inet world, just kept under the staircase.

Maybe should have just purchased another brand Tri-mesh, who at least don’t promise anything and nothing is expected in terms of firmware upgrades.

(Please note, I’m very happy with my other Gl-Inet products, just the Velica seems to be a “dud” from a firmware perspective)

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ping @moderators
serious issue needs answer, thanks

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@mrbot @fidjit

The original idea was to try out a new MESH technology for the B2200. But so far it is not mature.

I’m very sorry for the delay in the B2200 update iteration.
B2200 is being tested for basic functionality. There will be a beta release on January 10, 2022.

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Ok, first of all, thank you for your answer, it’s deeply appreciated to have finally someone here, but it sounds pretty bad.

You did warn us that Zigbee was in development, not that we were early alpha testers.

Can we have some explanations:

  • What was this new MESH technology? (that sounds slick)
    • What problems did you encounter?
    • Is this your responsibility (or Qualcomm’s)?
  • What other technology will never work (Zigbee)?
  • Is there any hope? Do you have an ETA?
  • What solutions will you offer to your clients?

It’s a bit disappointing at the moment, to say the least.

Please don’t be! That is a decision from your company, not you.


A v3.211 to catch with the other products?


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Hi mrbot:

I want to do research to try with MESH:
1,Wirelessly pair MESH so that bluetooth is not dependent. It can be applied more flexibly, but the success rate,practicality,rapidity,convenience is a big challenge.
2,True three-frequency concurrency, for example, allows MESH bandwidth to reach 866+866+400 to achieve a practical use of experience.

I am very sorry for B2200 Firmware schedule I made. It should not affect the normal release of B2200 firmware.

Of course, V3.211 will be released.


Thank you for giving us some feedback. As people in this thread say, it seemed like the Velica had been abandoned with empty promises of updates.

We realise that you guys must be busy but again development on every other devices seems to be happening.

Thank you for letting us know what is going on with firmware and look forward to seeing some updates.

To me, it seems to me that those two additional functions would be nice to have functionality but I’m not sure that those two functions would really affect my usage of my units (if I read correctly I think you’re saying the ability to mesh without the bluetooth app, and much greater throughput).

I’d rather have stable , up to date , other Gl.Inet model equivalent firmwares,

I do note however there’s no mention of Zigbee development? Nothing happening or not your area of expertise?

Hi fidjit:

For ZigBee, you can refer to the link:GitHub - gl-inet/gl-zigbee-sdk

Hi Duncan:
V3.11 Beta Firmware:


Well this has been a bit of a muck around.

  1. Did the upgrade to my 2 node Mesh via Gl-Inet interface. Didn’t come back up and display the WiFi network.
  2. Pull down the mesh, did a reset, did a manual uboot restore of both nodes and reset up the mesh
  3. No advanced options in more settings
  4. Manually installed LUCi
    4a. LUCI (Advanced) does not appear in More Settings
  5. LUCI and Gl-Inet interface have crashed a couple of times (still connected to network but cannot get to either)
  6. Everything showing as connected to the main node both on the web interface and the app ( I dont think they are because if I power off a node, I lose some devices)
  7. Devices appear in LUCI that don’t appear on Gl-Inet device list
  8. Wired device attached to Node 1 doesnt appear (appears in LUCI)

Not sure if I should revert back to 3.108, it might have been old but it worked. Be careful what you wish for ? :frowning:

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For those other Velica owners following this thread, I’ve been told there will be another update in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed that fixes my issues ( haven’t downgraded yet :slight_smile: ).

  • Gl.Inet/Luci interface service hasn’t crapped itself again.
  • I can put up with having to go to to access Luci
  • Hopefully upgrade will work smoothly and I dont’ have to reset and rebuild again
  • Hopefully clients will work properly
  • I’ll never be able to use the Zigbee SDK. Way beyond my technical skillsets :frowning:

Other than that seems pretty stable over the last couple of days.

Thanks for assistance everyone at Gl-Inet.

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I’ve tried the beta v3.11 firmware and rolled back to the earlier stable version. I’ll wait until something else is released before trying again.