GL creta still constantly dropping connection

I see this is a long standing problem with GL Creta, and there seems to be an effective way using Luci and some complex programming sequence. I am no computer whiz and have no idea how to do these…any laymans solutions to this. It is a n awesome router otherwise.

There have been several issues reported by different people on this list and on the OpenWRT forum on problems with the Creta. Can you give us a little more info on your problem and how you are using the router? What mode are you using, which band are you connecting to for WAN (or are you using Ethernet), which band are your connected devices using, are you using VPN, have you install any other packages, are you using the Ethernet ports and most important, what firmware versions have you tried.

Oh wow, i can already tell this forum is way over my head. Im using the G creta as a repeater, i think, to pick up a public xfinitywifi and broadcast my own 2.5 and 5G networks. Ive use the MAC Clone option to clone my laptops MAC address and have for months had several WYZE cameras, a sometime smart TV, laptop, phone, probably too much, running on these networks. But no matter what setting i try it is never STABLE, i recently found that Icloud was responsible for much of this, and obviously i know that if thexfinitywifi has no connection I too would lose my connection. But what bothers me is when xfinitywifi runs fine and my network wont , or my 5G just wont show,…side note, what is the difference between speed and traffic, in the admin panel?

I wish i could provide all that info but i dont even know what a WAN is, im assuming a wireless area network? Im doing all this wirelessly, so no ethernet chord, because the xfininty wifi is public wifi. Could using an ethernet chord for a few devices be helpful? No VPN, usually, except the extension i have on chrome…some free VPN. Different devices use different bandwiths? Ive kept the “update” function up to date but i havent explored the “Luci” function or whatever OpenWart is, all way over my head…Ive read of OperTwarp fixes to the problem i experience but Im not trying to reprogram a rocket here. Thanks if youre still reading this!

You were able to give us a few details. So with Xfinitywifi you are using WIFI for your WAN connection, and normally Xfinitywifi uses the 5GB WIFI band. If you can go into the Upgrade section of the GL iNet GUI and post your “Current Version” firmware number would be very helpful as several people have reported issues with some current versions of the creta firmware.

Load the latest beta version for the Creta - it should fix your issues.

Can you do as @325i said? Recent 3.212 update fixed a bug which affect Creta’s 5G wifi.

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The version is 3.211, and has been for several months. Thanks for bearing with me, i’m learning a lot just based on terms n what not. What gets me is the seemingly complete randomness of bugs without any known changes as a precursor. For example, ive made no changes but for the past 3 days my tv and wyze cameras wont work, the traffic shows numbers but speed is 0 and the devices are offline…what does this mean? In fact all my devices have a speed of 0, despite me writing this email and being online right now.

This router would be so awesome if it werent for all these seemingly random issues with staying connected. Ill include screenshots, not sure if you can see them or what help they are. Again thanks so much, i would be so grateful if we could get this thing to work and at the very least im learning a lot just from having you dumb things down for me. Appreciated.

…How would i find the 3.212 update? It seems 3.211 is the most up to date?

The GL-AR750 Creta firmware 3.212 is an unofficial Snapshot and not officially Stable yet, so you have to download it manually and install it manually from the Local Upgrade tab and not Online Upgrade tab:

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I’m glad to be able to help out. The problem you are seeing with your router seems to be very much dependent on your environment and how you are using the device, as for many people 3.211 firmware works great. I am using a AR750s (Slate), which is similar to the Creta you have, while I am on extended travel. At the last place I was staying in December the router was very stable, but in the location I’m now at, my router was unusable until I upgraded to 3.212 beta 1 last week. I was seeing many of the issues you reported and that were reported here:

Since @alzhao, who is the ultimate authority at GL iNet, says to load the 3.212 firmware on your router, I strongly recommend giving it a try. I see that @wcs2228 has already given you the link to it. If you have any problems with the 3.212 firmware please use the forum to report these issues so they can be fixed before 3.212 is released. Also please remember to update to the production 3.212 firmware once it is released. Good luck!

When i install this update, i lose connection with my router every time. My damn computer then auto connects to xfinity wifi so maybe if i turn that off. Is it supposed to lose connection with the router and then the router connections remain gone for like 2 min? as im connected to xfinity (not the router) the install looks as if its finishing. Then im prompted to reconnect to the router. (screenshot)

Yes when updating the router’s system shut itself down.

Awesome. This seems to have helped. Also what I experienced IS very environmental, not knowing exactly where the xfinity hotspot is coming from (moving the router to different rooms) and I live in an extremely densely populated area next to a university, I’m sure I’m not the only cheapskate trying to get internet for free. Thanks to you nerds for your help and educational value!