GL-E750 MUDI LAN/WAN Connection not working

Using the included usb-c breakout box to get access to the ethernet port, any computer or device i plug in shows no cable connected and same with the status on the mudi webserver. I tried different usb-c cables in between the breakout box and mudi and the included cat5e cable and another one for good measure.

The settings in the MUDI whether it’s WAN or LAN mode will not make a difference. Could I possibly have a defective breakout box? How would I go about testing this? There are times I would prefer to use a wired connection to draw less power or to even make it part of a more permanent setup by attaching the MUDI to a switch etc.

Just to be sure, my connection is as follows:

MUDI <— usb-c—> (MUDI side of breakout box) <—cat5e—>device

No difference if i plug a usb-c cable into the “power” side aside from charging the MUDI.

I am currently on the latest firmware (3.203), but it happened on the prior one also. Not sure how to proceed from here, but any advice is appreciated. I’m hoping I just missed something simple.

i’m also wondering if there’s a problem with my usb-c port on the mudi. I’ve only used it for charging, but how would I be able to test if the usb-c port is working? Can I use a usb-c to lightning cable and try an iphone in tethering mode?

Also have the same pb with my mundi
Have you made progress in troubleshooting this?

Thank you

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