GL-E750 slow LTE speeds

Hello all,

i just bought the mudi, configuring it worked alright.

Im seeing now that the 4G speeds are much slower then what im experiencing with the same SIM card on my iPhone.

Using (configured to use the same server in Frankfurt):

iPhone: ~72 Mbps down and ~5 mbps up
Mudi: ~14 mbps down and ~6 mbps up

I saw a old post about the slow speeds. They have forced Mudi into 4G, i cant figure out how to do so, or if its even neccesary.

Getting into SSH with putty is no Problem, pasting their Command (AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3,1) doesnt work.



What could be the problem and solution?

It's not an SSH command, it's an AT command.
You can run it via the Web GUI

Correct one is:

gl_modem AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3,1

But it is better to run via GUI (just replace command to yours)

You can insert the card into your phone and dial


to see the band

Try locking the same band here

It just outputs an error.

With and without the "gl_modem" part


I tried this and locked to Band 20, no improvments yet.


Try changing the ttl to 65

Sadly still outputs an ERROR

I changed the TTL, no improvements.
Does anyone have some more tips?
Performance is quite terrible..

Can I see the rest of this picture?

Can you send me the results of these commands


Of course, here you go:





1.Check whether the apn is correct

2.You can refer to this to change the mbn file(ROW_Generic_3GPP or ROW_Generic_3GPP_PTCRB_GCF

3.Upgrade module firmware --download url