I recently purchased the Mudi GL-E750C4 directly from Gl-inet. I am in the US and do not get good reception with T-Mobile where I am living and working. What is my best alternative to look for to use my Mudi.

Thank you

You can look at the T-Mobile coverage map to check that they cover your area. There are also online coverage maps (e,g., CellMapper, OpenSignal) that covers multiple cell carriers.

You may have to switch to a cell carrier that has better coverage in your area. I used to have a vacation home on west coast Florida where T-Mobile was bad, but AT&T worked.

Ya I’ve already done that. Verizon is the strongest, but it looks like the Mudi doesn’t work with Veruzon?

Here is some info on Verizon and Visible (owned by Verizon):