GL-inet 750M behind Nat Router as Wireguard Server


  • Home Router “Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H” with DD-wrt Version DD-WRT v3.0-r27716 std
  • Gl-inet 750M V3.022 (wireguard Server)
  • 300M (wireguard client, e.g. outside in a Hotel)

I connect my 750M to my home router. I configure the 750M as Wireguard Server, now I try to connect my Android Phone (wireguad Client App installed), but it does not work.
For example I want to connect to the wireguard Server e.g. when I stay in a Hotel, I want use a 300M as client in a Hotel to connect the Server at Home.

I connect the 750M to my home:

Internet <–> (Wan)Home Router(Lan) <–> (Wan)750M(Lan)

Is this right? What must I do to get it to work? Portforwarding etc. necessary?

Please can you give me an example?

best regards

You have to forward the port of wireguard server from main router to gl router and dinamic dns if you have a public non fixed ip by your ISP.

You need to set a port forward on your Buffalo router because the wireguard server needs public ip so the clinets can access it.

Is it right to connect the 750M on the wan Port:

Internet <–> (Wan)Home Router(Lan) <–> (Wan) 750M ???

or must it connect from Home Router to Lan Port from 750M

Internet <–> (Wan) Home Router (Lan) <–> (Lan)750M ???

thank you and regards

use this set up only.

Did you configure port forwarding on your Home router? You have to configure a port forwarding from your home router to GL-iNet 750M.

No, but what is the IP from the 750M when I connect it to the Wan Port. Is it possible to give the Wan port from 750M a static IP ?
Is there any description that is usefull for me?


So you can configure port forwarding. If you don’t configure port forwarding, even if you set a static IP address to 750M, it doesn’t work as well. because it doesn’t have dedicated public IP address.

now i configure port forwarding and it is ok !!!
it work perfect!

best regards to all

I CAN reach my Webcams, my Nas but i cant Look Tv with my Vodafone TV App From outside.
When i use my other vpn Server pptp it work. Why it does not work with wireguard?

Must i forwarding more than one Port udp/TCP?

Does the server in the same location? Both of WireGuard server and PPTP server are the same IP address?

yes both server are conneted to the same netware like:

Internet <–> (Wan) Home Router (Lan) <–> (Wan) 750M

HomeRouter = “pptp VPN-Server”
750M = “Wireguard- VPN Server”

There must be a different between these Servers, I can reach all my local devices from outside but the Vodafone TV app does not detect the local IP location. I had try this with the android wireguard client and also with my 300M. Must I forward any other ports?

best regards

yes the 2 server are in the same ip range

Would it caused by DNS?

You can check your IP on client(wireguard client) device, to see if it is your server’s IP address.

Ok I check it already and the result was that all VPN connections shown the
WAN IP "77… " from my Home Router.

  • VPN Client (PPTP) = IP 77… and the right home City location
  • VPN Client (Wireguard) = IP 77… and also the right home City location

But Vodafone TV app does not detect the local City IP location by using wireguard server :frowning:

Is there anybody with an equal problem, or had anybody a suggestion to solve it?

best regards

Check your dns. IPTV providers also check this…

Test results DNS-Server Check:

pptp VPN = 173.194… Google
wireguard VPN = 81.19… VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations

How can I change the DNS Server for wireguard ?

best regards

Hello, you are right, i change the dns to and now the vodafone Tv app work also with wireguard !
Thank you all!!

Best regards