Researched the subject of routers with Wireguard VPNs for two weeks. Was super happy to find a router that bragged about doing exactly what I needed. So, I bought three (3) GL-inet AX-1800 routers because I and my clients REALLY REALLY NEED:

  • Mullvad VPN – because they are awesome
  • installed on the router – because that’s how you do it for whole house VPN
  • using Wireguard – because it’s fast, and OpenVPN is not

This should not be such a tall order, but apparently GL-inet can’t figure it out.

Now, I find out the product IS NOT AS ADVERTISED. It is DEFECTIVE.

So, I get everything in place, ready to go, plug in the CORRECT info, follow the instructions to the letter, click the button and all I get is:

“Error! Parameter already exists.”

WTF?? Yes, upgraded firmware. No, I do not have multiple keys or profiles on my Mullvad account; there are NONE. Apparently, following the GL-inet instructions creates one, but then, always, the stupid message, “Error! Parameter already exists.” What parameter? What exists that is f***ing up the process? Error message offers no explanation, no suggested fix from manufacturer. Yes, rebooted, etc., etc., the PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE.

VPN is sometimes, finally, accidentally set up, but never exceeds 1MB down, and you only get about a tenth of the supposedly available Mullvad servers to connect to.

Now, I have three useless routers that can’t perform as promised. ANY SOLUTIONS?

Please, no “work-arounds.” I am a CISSP with 35 years experience. I know when it’s a configuration error, or if a product is defective. This product does not work as advertised, and is therefore, defective. In the professional world, we do not have time to wrestle with products, trying to force them into doing what they claim to be capable of. If they fail, you have to move on to something that works as advertised.

But, I don’t claim to be perfect! Anyone (HELLO GL-INET!!) know the answer?? Is there a fix???

Thank you…

It may be the same bug for Mullvad as in this thread:

You may want to contact GL.iNet Support directly, not only post in this user forum.

When you say “input” configuration;

Are you manually inputting the file? Or are you using the configuration tab, where to just copy and paste the file?

I know Mullvad has a WireGuard configuration files: WireGuard - Help | Mullvad VPN

Personally I don’t use Mullvad, TorGuard uses a WireGuard Configuration that converts your streaming IP into a file to use WireGuard. One of fhe issues that I was having was that I never changed my streaming IP tunnel type to be used with WireGuard, but once I did I never had any issues adding to the router and working.

Another thing, if you can and do have a streaming IP from them, contact them to make sure that IP is configured on their end to be used with WireGuard.

It is bug related to Mullvad. Pls wait for a fix. Thanks!

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