GL inet can only connect to Nordvpn's openvpn, not wireguard?

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Apr 7

NordVPN has WireGuard, but we only support their OpenVPN on our routers


another thread, no more news since end of july.

telling that “coming”.

people in this thread dont maintain a good structure in the text,
will digest what they said later.

Don’t use NordVPN, they are not transparent with their customers. You can read some issues with them here:

We also talked about their “NordLynx”. They took the Wireguard protocol, changed some things making it only work with their apps and servers, but their reasoning for doing it is mostly marketing and forcing users to their apps:

They are not making their changes open source either, which goes against the wireguard license terms.

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It feels like you have something personal against NordVPN. I think they’re alright, they’ve been doing 3rd party audits, and recently partnered with Troy Hunt. Also, I would have done the same in their place, you want to secure your infrastructure, before going around and broadcasting it to everyone around.

I’m just stating the facts :smiley:. People can use what they want in the end.

For me trust is earned. If someone breaks my trust, they don’t get it back. This applies for all things including services.

If I was NordVPN, to secure my network in a mayor breach, I shut it down for a few days and find the issues and patch them, I don’t stay open for business and continue like nothing happened, while the hacking and data collection happens in the background.

Would you go to a restaurant that has a cockroach infestation while they take care of it? Would you go there after the news is all over it, and they didn’t tell you? Most people would never go back there again, even if they clean up the place. And this is for just something you can get mildly sick and recover.

If your data or identify is stolen, you might never recover from it, so why would you treat that any different?

True, you can use and believe whatever you want. I personally believe that it wasn’t as big of a deal, as some people made it out to be. Knowing how aggressive the VPN market is, I suspect that Nord’s competitors over hyped the incident. There is no evidence that any personal data was leaked, so I don’t think it classifies as a major breach. Also, many other very large companies has had breaches where personal details were leaked, are you saying you don’t use those services any more?
And I wouldn’t say that is a valid example, it’s more like: we found this leaky tube on a running passenger train, the train is moving, it would be incredibly costly and unnerving for the people to stop the train, people might start jumping out of the train and hurting themselves, some other people might want to cause more panic and try to damage the train even more, so the best thing to do is to try to fix it, and report about it after the fact.
Like I mentioned there was no evidence that personal data was stolen, so your last statement is not very valid.

Seems like you might be affiliated with NordVPN? Marketing team maybe?

You joined 3 hours ago, and are strongly defending the company, seems interesting :slight_smile:

Hey, believe what you want buddy, I just came here to troubleshoot a problem I have, and I saw your comment that hit a nerve for me. I’ve followed the story of the breach quite closely and I feel that it is more nuanced than: “they got hacked, so not safe” I think it matters what actually happened, and what they do afterwards as well.

Alright buddy, post a new thread with your issue and we will lend you a hand.

I signed up with NordVPN only to find out they don’t support Wireguard on routers. I am using Mullvad right but open to other Wireguard VPNs people are happy with.

I use AzireVPN,, Mullvad :slight_smile:

Mullvad is great i think you will be happy with it, prices are quite good too.

I looked at Mullvad but unfortunately they don’t offer dedicated IPs for streaming services so no go for me really. Any decently priced one with dedicated IP?

My opinion …

I contributed to the discussion cited by Johnex. I’m not affiliated with any VPN service provider but I’m simply an owner of some routers (one of them it’s a GL.inet) using the OpenWrt OS.

I was very happy with NordVPN, but not now. It’s a fact that the number of their servers is very high, that their OpenVPN service works very well (at least it did for me) and that they provide access to all major streaming services that otherwise could not be reached from outside of specific regions / countries (this is my first need; I’m not so concerned with strict privacy issues, because I think that, for my needs, NordVPN can provide at least a discrete/good level of privacy with every protocol they support, but this is only my opinion).

But … It’s also a fact that they in some way hid security problems they had and most of all they don’t provide a standard Wireguard solution. About the latter point, I talked with their support center many times and they continue to say the same things: 1. their NordLynx solution is more secure than the standard one; 2. maybe in future they will provide a solution for OpenWrt routers’ owners (but they don’t provide any ETA).

I’m very disappointed for the lack of a standard Wireguard solution: first of all because I chose NordVPN and paid a long term subscription thinking I was getting one of the best VPN providers; today, in my opinion, their service cannot be considered one of the best because it’s missing a solution for a standard and widespread protocol as Wireguard is.
Secondly, Wireguard it’s a very fast protocol able to make my PRESENT ROUTER perform up to 8 times faster downloads (maybe more) than OpenVPN. Why should I buy a more expensive/powerful router (able to guarantee better OpenVPN performance) because my VPN provider is not able to provide (not to me but to an entire community of OpenWrt users) a standard solution for a standard protocol?

Now, following the suggestions of Johnex and after comparing different VPN providers, I’m using Mullvad. Their service is great, at least for my needs, and above all they provide a standard Wireguard solution working very well. If I hadn’t done the mistake to pay a long time subscription with NordVPN, I think that I could go on with them or other similar VPN providers indefinitely, even if their service is more expensive than NordVPN. For now the only thing I / we can do is to push on NordVPN to provide a standard Wireguard solution; I’m doing it whenever and wherever (Facebook, support center, …) I can.

Bye. LP


If you need a fixed IP, I would recommend you just get a VPS, as in a virtual machine with Linux hosted somewhere in the cloud providers. You can install wireguard and configure it yourself, and use that as your self hosted VPN provider with dedicated IP (you again have to pay for that but IPs are cheap with such providers). You will have full control of it and can run other services as you wish since it’s a fully working remote pc for cheap.

Here is a script that can do it for you for all large VPS providers:

Compare the different VPS with pricing and transfer amounts, and in the script page above he tells you which ones are blocking Netflix.

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You want to use a more obscure VPS provider though, as AWS and the large ones are blocked 100%.

Seems like TorGuard and CyberGhost also offer fixed IP’s as well.

If NordVPN works fine for Netflix, and you don’t really use it for any privacy related things, you can stick with it.

1 Like offer dedicated ip but i don’t know if it’s only for openvpn or wireguard too.

Steaming services

Better ask them before ordering