Gl Inet MT3000 Beryl AX Constantly Disconnected During Scan in Reapter Mode

Hi all, I have the Gl-inet MT3000 fresh out of the box, with firmware 4.2.0, there is no issue during the scan process in the repeater mode, but just can’t connect to any network. The router shows connection failed. After upgrading to 4.2.1, i am able to connect, but during the scan, it always disconnects automatically, so basically i have to keep manually connecting to the router a few times to finish the scan process. Is there any solution for that? My other GL inet Opal router has no issue during the scan and repeater mode at all.

Try the beta 4.2.2 release3 it’s by far the best firmware we’ve tested so far as it has the new MTK WiFi driver. Hopefully it helps in your case too :crossed_fingers:

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Just upgraded to 4.2.2, still the same issue, during the scanning, it will automatically disconnects and an error message pops out says “timeout in response”

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I can confirm this MT3000 Beryl AX disconnects when scanning in repeater on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Does not affect the AXT1800 Slate AX
Running Beta 4.2.2 release 3

Log event
Scan started around 00:13:14
Reconnected around 00:14:45

Well I tried to upload the log But it is saved as a .TAR file and the forum does not allow that.
I have System log size as 1028
Write to system log file is /www/logread.txt
wont even let me upload .txt file

We are continuously working on optimizing this issue. If possible, please provide your client device details.
Until the new firmware release, a temporary solution to avoid timeouts is to select only scan for 5GHz Wi-Fi in the repeater options and then the client connects to the router’s 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Or vice versa.

Our forum allow ZIP file. Can you help to upload the log in ZIP file ?

logread beryl (45.1 KB)

To resolve your problem, need to increase scan time.
Please try this firmware for test.