GL-Inet Plex Remote Access

I am trying to set up port forwarding on a GL-Inet Spitz Ax3000 for remote access to Plex server
I have done this before on an Asus Router and it is working fine on that server but not having much joy with this one

I have followed the same steps
Protocol TCP
External Zone: Wan
External Port [Port Specified in Plex]
Internal Zone: Lan [Internal IP address of nas]
Internal port 32400

Protocol TCP
External Zone Wan
External Port [Port specified in plex]
Internal Zone Lan
Internal IP [Public IP in Plex]
Internal Port 32400

Im not super clued up about port forwarding so I am making a mistake somewhere, every time I access the Plex on the NAS remotely it converts to 2 MB so its going through the relay

Would appreciate any help


  • Name: Plex
  • Protocol: TCP
  • External Zone: WAN
  • External Port: 32400
  • Internal Zone: LAN
  • Internal IP: Local Plex Server IP (so for example)
  • Internal Port: 32400
  • Enable: Yes

Please keep in mind that this won’t work on cellular network.

Hello thanks for the reply why will this not work on Cellular ?

Because of Carrier-grade NAT - Wikipedia which will make it impossible to open ports.

Oh damn that goes that then

Look into TailScale.
I use it to get access to my Plex server everywhere even with CGNAT.
Easy to setup. I use my AppleTV as an exit node since it is on all the time.