GL-M2 5G Development Board Setup Issues🆘

Having issues setting up my GL-M2 5G Development Board with a US Mobile Warp 5G SIM card.

Currently, have it connected to a GL-MT3000 Kernel Version 5.4.211.

I had it up for a few minutes, and then it dropped the connection.

I am not sure what the issue is or what should be my next steps.

Now it keeps on saying Operation timed out every other minute.

Please check your signal around here, as RSRP and SINR not very good.

  1. Try to select 4G/LTE only, as 5G/NR not good.
  2. Try move your SIM to phone and check if the signal is good?
  3. Check you development board, if the antennas are connected and stable well?

The SIM has been activated and tested on my iPhone with no issues whatsoever ever.

  1. How do I select just 4G/LTE?
  2. SIM in iPhone 116 down and 4.33 down.
  3. Antennas are stable.

You can press F12 in your browser to see which api is reporting the error
Does disconnection still report this error?

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Sorry, my problem
Forgot to tell you that i also need screenshots of these two pages
I need to know which api this is

Your firmware version number is v4.5.16 release3?
Looks like an anomaly occurred while detecting firmware in the cloud
Do you have this problem with other ways of accessing the Internet?
Can you also take a screenshot of this page?

No issues accessing the Internet when I connect via Wi-Fi.

Per your request:

Is it possible to access our server on this network?
Or you can do it in the background

opkg update

Yes, when would like me to access it?

At any time

I need your help to test whether this website can be accessed using M.2 Internet

And this command

If all the above methods are OK, can I do it remotely?
Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)

Hello, could you send me the information from this log to take a look?

Hi @renbo.xu message sent.

Hello, my name is Nils.

I use a GL-AXT1800 with Firmware 4.6.0 beta3 from 06.06.2024 with GL-M2 5G Development Board.

Sometimes, i have the same problem like @DC5 (The interface is connected, but the Internet can´t be accessed). If i switch now Cellular off and on again, it works for a time. But the error comes again. Repeatedly i can fix it again with turn Cellular off and on.

The Question is, what is the problem. Why did the Router/Modem not reconnect itself like a Smartphone?

What can i do? What is my mistake?

Thanks for your help.

Is it just that the page says no Internet, or is it really no Internet

It’s really no internet.

I'm sorry, my bad
I was actually asking @RAVENMASTER
Didn't you say there was an Internet? Only the page display error @DC5