GL-M2 5G Development Board Setup Issues🆘

It is not an Display error. In this Moment i have really no Internet.

1.When it doesn't have Internet,Execute the following AT instructions


2.A similar screenshot


ubus call network.interface.modem_1_1_4  status | jsonfilter -e '@["ipv4-address"][0].address'
ubus call network.interface.modem_2_1_4  status | jsonfilter -e '@["ipv4-address"][0].address'

Today i have the Problem again. In my first try, i tested the AT-Command:

Nothing has changed in this Situation. No Internet

Then i tested the other 2 Commands:

Nothing has changed this Situation again. No Internet. You can see, no ping to

Then i disconnect the Cellular, wait 60 Sek. and try the automaticaly setup from the Cellular. Now the Connection to the Internet is fine. But without this disconnect i have no more Internet connection.

Can i test any other things?

@DC5 @RAVENMASTER Do you guys have issues like mentioned here: GL-AXT1800 + GL-M2 (RM520N-GL): Lose internet access

The interface is connected, but the Internet can't be accessed.

From the current information, it appears that your sim card changes ip roughly every few hours

vi /lib/functions/
Change the code in these two places

Hi @Will12345 that is correct. I’ve experienced many of the same issues you have posted on your other thread.

In both positions, the code was already as described: Look here:

and here:

Or should i change the lines in the other code?

okay, see if the problem reappears

I did not change anything. I think this did not solve the problem.

The file and the code was already so.

Your sim card changes its ip every once in a while, and the current device network does not change its ip, resulting in no network for the device
There are some issues with the compatibility of our code with the M.2 development board
Modify these codes so that when your sim card changes ip, the script detects and changes the device network

Okay, i understand. Can you please show me exactly what i should do or change!?

I‘m sorry for my asking. I don‘t have much Expertise in this case.

You can check whether this log is available in the log to ensure that the script is running properly
If the log exists, the problem should have been fixed

i'm sorry, my bad
I misread the information earlier, and now your firmware has incorporated this change
Can I debug your device remotely? I want to make sure that the script is running properly
Or you can add the two log lines yourself

logread -f

Good morning,

i have added this two looger lines in dem script. I will see next time i have no Internet what is logged and give you an update.

Thanks until then.

Hey hey, today, i have the problem again.

In the logfile i can see nothing like describes the problem for me. Can i sent you the logfile? I have seached for a possibility to send you an privat message, but i don´t find something. What can i do?

I have sent you a private message, please check

I´m sorry. I was in holiday for few days.

After the admin page shows me a popup to update to 4.6.0 release1, i update the firmware to this version. After that the disconnection problem was much better. Even while driving in my car, i had only one disconnect in few day.

Thank you for your help at this point.

I will call you over these thread, if the problem is coming again.

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