Gl- mt1300 (beryl) scan no networks found

Hello new to this router and trying to scan for network to connect to.
when i hit the scan no networks are found although i have at least 3 nearby which are found ok with either laptop or fone.
works ok if connected with ethernet cable

It is a bug and fixed in 3.201.

ok where do i get 3.201 from. when i go to update in the router setting it says 3.200 is latest

You can find in snapshot.

ok thanks. but i updated to 3.201 ok. still no networks are found.

Can you confirm your issue is:

When connect to the router using cable, you can find SSIDs when using scan.
But when connect to the router’s wifi (2.4G or 5G?), scan does not return any result?

no the issue is that in the initial set up mode.
i am scanning for networks to connect to (ie my own wifi network in my house or hotspot from my note 8. no networks are found.
if i connect using a ethernet cable direct to my home router then i have internet on my beryl and i can then connect to the wifi of the beryl ok

Are you trying this from Repeater Mode? I think that is what you mean to do.

yes I am trying from repeater mode

I set up my new Beryl the other day and had a few issues. I don’t know if they will help you.

  1. My home network is a mesh system consisting of an Asus router (4 feet away from the Beryl) and another Asus router (80 feet away). The Beryl was consistently failing to see the closer node and timed out connecting to the weak signal of the farther node. The closer node on 5G was on 20/40/80. I set it to 20 (which immediately rebooted the wireless), and then the Beryl had no difficulty. I set it to 40, then 80, then 20/40/80, and each time it had no difficulty. So step number one might be to reboot your home router.
  2. I had my 5G on the 104 channel; resetting it to auto gave it 153. I don’t know whether it was the rebooting or the new channel that helped with the connection. So step number two might be to change your 5G channel.
  3. I wasn’t having difficulty connecting on 2.4, I was looking for more speed though. But step three might be to change the band you are connecting to.
  4. I tried 3.201 and to be honest it isn’t ready yet. It updates to 19.07.05, and for the Beryl I think we are looking for 19.07.07. At the moment the repos are broken, and I had difficulty getting LuCI to install. But 3.200 is fine for me with LuCI, adblock, OpenWRT and Wireguard clients, so I’m sticking with it.

thanks for your reply. i have not actually tried on 5g. always just 2.4. i have tried as u suggest rebooting home router, moving farther away but still no go. i mean it should be so easy to set up in repeater mode (as far as the instructions go) just wondering if i have faulty hardware

just an update on this issue in case anyone has same trouble. i eventually surrendered and returned the unit to amazon. i had replacement which works with no problem

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