GL-MT3000 Beryl AX does not refresh goodCloud connection when internet connection change (repeater mode)

I use the travel router GL-MT3000 most with two locations (connected to internet as repeater).
I bind the router to goodCloud using Wi-Fi “A” → All fine.
Then I move the router to a different location and connect internet to Wi-Fi “B” (and wait…)

The router will be shown offline within goodcloud. When i check the details in goodcloud i can see, the router is still registered with “IP Address” from old Wi-Fi “A”.

As workaround, I can start router Admin UI “local”, disable “Application | goodcloud” (and apply) and enable “Application | goodcloud” (and apply).
After this the router is shown online within goodcloud!

Connected to

Please take note about:
The “cloud log” in router Admin UI is allways empty…

Any solution available for this?
Thanks in advance

Just tested now on GL-MT3000 current firmware (4.4.5 release1).
The Problem (goodCloud device offline) is NOT related to the repeater Wi-Fi.

I can see the Problem after device reboot!

regards Oliver

I think this is a race condition with /etc/init.d/gl-cloud
A manual restart “/etc/init.d/gl-cloud restart” AFTER repeater established Internet Connection will fix the problem.
Any ideas, how to automate this? (start cloud service after repeater internet connection established)?

Do you mean that ssid info in the device list?

I mean the IP the router receives from the Network DHCP.

I am using 4.4.6. Rebooted the router and it is reported online.

If the cloud log is empty, can you give the full log?

Back from Holiday - sorry for my late reply
See attachment

I try to update to beta 4.4.6 now (9.0 KB)

with version 4.4.6 i can reproduce the problem AND got some cloud.log:

Mon Oct 9 16:48:59 2023 daemon.debug eco: (gl-cloud:679) lua-eco version: 2.3.0
Mon Oct 9 16:48:59 2023 daemon.err eco: (gl-cloud: 29) /usr/lib/lua/eco/dns.lua:572: not found valid nameservers
Mon Oct 9 16:48:59 2023 procd: Instance gl-cloud::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

Same bug in 4.3.7 (snapshot from 2023-12-22 2:47:14(UTC+08:00)) in S1300 and beta relase:

Fri Dec 22 08:50:12 2023 procd: Instance gl-cloud::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll fix this s1300 issue on snapshot version asap.