GL-MT3000 EasyTether Driver

Just got the early order of the GL-MT3000. I developed a quick way of going through multiple EasyTether drivers to find out if any driver would work on this router, & I found one that works flawlessly. Download EasyTether Driver OpenWrt 19.07.3+ Once you extract the zip file you’re going to want to look for the mediatek folder. Open this folder & use the folder that says mt7622. You have to know how to install the driver, & everything else in order for it to work. Wifi 6 also works on this router when using the EasyTether application…:sunglasses:


I cannot believe it.

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I was just trying different mediatek drivers, but once I got to the part when I typed in opkg install /tmp/filename.ipk, instead of it ending saying the driver is incompatible, it said complete. Then I continued with the necessary command prompts, root, etc, config, & so on, then went to Advance LuCi Network, interfaces, firewall setting, end so on. Basically I did what I normally do when I’m installing easy tether on a router I was surprised too but it works flawlessly. The real question is how & why is this easy tether driver working on this router? I know you said yourself that the firmware on this router is really from an older router just that it also has Wi-Fi 6 & a couple of other things. I have no idea if you like to see some pictures I’ll show them to you.

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I mentioned before that I found an application on the Google Play Store that actually works just like easy tether without installing the driver, if not better. The only thing is your Android device has to be rooted, yeah I know that sounds like something old back in the days, but you could still root some of these Android phones, for instance the S9 Plus 4G can be rooted at android 10. Once your phone is rooted go to the Google Play Store & install the application called VPN hotspot by My God Studio. This application only works on rooted devices. I purchased the router to just see that application also work on it but before trying the application, I installed the easy tether driver on it just to see what would happen & it worked. Try it, just install the driver that I mentioned earlier. Once I saw a connection established, thats when I knew it was working.

Once I saw that happen I thought I’d get lucky, so on the GL-AXT1800, I used the ipq806x EasyTether Driver, jus to see what would happen. After putting in the password, opkg update, opkg install /tmp/filename.ipk, it said complete at the end!!! I thought it worked too, because the driver installed, but after doing all of the other stuff, it never said connection established after plugging in the USB cord with easy tether launched. Just kind of strange how the driver actually installed but nothing else worked usually it’ll say the driver is incompatible & you won’t get that far.

It is actually the arch, complier etc that matters. I can try this out myself.