GL-MT3000 fails to reconnect to 5Ghz in repeater mode

Issue from GL-MT3000 (v4.5.16 firmware release3 2024-03-30) trying to connect to my GL-MT6000 (V4.5.8 firmware release4 2024-04-12) so all withing the same router family from GLi

I can set the GL-MT3000 to Auto select and it will connect to 2.4Ghz - and then select 5Ghz manually — however if the network reset/scheduled reboot then it does not connect to 5Ghz… I have to manually set it back to Auto or 2.4Ghz and then back to 5Ghz !!!

Previous post indicate firmware update fixes and potential incompatibilities with other devices … both devices from GLi, both on the latest firmware