Gl-mt3000 v4.1.2 beta : quectel eg25-g with external USB enclosure

Background: my mudi finally didn’t survive the last drop and encounter heating and reboot issues, so I took out the quectel eg25-g modem and installed it into a USB enclosure from taobao/Lazada

Connected to the gl-mt3000, it can detect the modem and the network but is unsuccessful with auto setup or manual setup

I then tried connecting the modem to the gl-ax1800 and gl-axt1800 (both current stable firmware v4.1) and the modem is able to auto setup and provide internet

For your information.

Footnote: my other USB modem the Huawei e3372h-320 works fine on the gl-mt3000 (and gl-ax1800, gl-axt1800) as tethering
I can use 3 telco sim cards on the eg-25g while only 2 works on the e3372h-320
footnote2: mango firmware 3.2 can use e3372h-320 but not the eg25-g with enclosure

Hi,MT3000 supports the following 4 quectel modules.
Other quectel modules may not work.

Oops then I guess my eg25-g won’t work on my brume 2 when it arrives

wow rm520n-gl yummy, gonna go look for it with external case

Old Quectel modems, e.g. EC20, EC25, EP06, EG25-G should work just fine.

On the brume 2 or beryl ax ? Didn’t work on my beryl ax test unit as mentioned in my original post

Will try again later

Both of them should be able to work. Our engineers have found the root cause of EG-25G not working. Please wait for the method we provide later to verify whether it can work normally.

Do you use any enclosure for rm520n-gl ?

Only found this design so far

I didn’t use any enclosure.

You can use this command (gl_modem -B 1-1 AT AT+QGMR)to check the firmware version of the modem

This module does not support raw IP mode. You can try to modify it, and then re-plug your module and dial it up.


still stuck at connecting

Maybe you can update the firmware of the modem

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Can you give me your email, I will send it to your email

I sent by pm, thanks.

Thanks lincoln for patiently assisting

updated eg25-g firmware and can now auto setup data connection on beryl ax

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Further thing to report

The USB modem doesn’t stay connected to mt3000 after around half - 1 hour, internet also become very unresponsive or totally stopped, screenshot show that modem totally gone from the modem page

I also checked by connecting the modem to axt1800, can stay connected whole night till morning

Check if the node exists