GL-MT300N-V2 default password not working

I updated my GL-MT300N-V2 to snapshot 3.215-0717 did also a factory reset, but the default password of “goodlife” is not working. It says password is wrong when connecting. Tried another reset, password not working. This seems like a bug to me. Or the default password was changed without communicating in snapshot builds.

The snapshot may have a bug configuring the default wifi key. This only happens on some units.

Can you pm me the mac address (maybe just a screenshot of the bottom sticker) of the router?

If possible, can you help to dump some info from the router to check?

BTW, you can just connect via lan cable and change the wifi key.

Ive confirmed it is a bug, I connected via LAN cable and was able to change / see the configured password. It was not set to “goodlife” but was some random numerical number.

It is a problem in 3.215 for unique wifi key set up. Will fix.

Hi can you explain me how you have done? I’ve the same problem