GL-MT300N-V2 - GL.iNet after upgrade to 3.201 Free space: 6% (0 MB)

GL-MT300N-V2 - GL.iNet after upgrade to 3.201
Free space: 6% (0 MB)

File Sharing ERROR: Not installed yet!
Multimedia File Sharing ERROR: Not installed yet!
Luci ERROR: Not installed yet!

luci INSTALL>>
Status: installed failed
Stderr: No enough flash space

what’s going on? Please. help!

Some other components are bigger thna in the past. So some components now not installed by standard.

You need to do:

  • log on your admin webinterface
  • update the adon list
  • install the adon you like, p.e. luci

For advanve the “disk space”, look for how to use exroot. It can be its supported on advanced admin menue and called “mount points points” or so on.

A how to about this on gl website is not known by me. I started some time ago a discussion about this. It can be we will get a how too for interested enduser, one time on this discussion:

A feature request are created for this on follow discussion:

please, NOTE: Free space: 6% (0 MB)

luci INSTALL>>
Status: installed failed
Stderr: No enough flash space


  • Its dont show 600kB free or so on. It show on this time only 0 MB or 1 MB are free or like this.
  • I installed 2 or 3 tings directly after factory reset of firmware and update to 3.2 beta. It can be one thing create logg file or so on which fill the “disk” too. How ever. That should be fixedby p.e. follow way by gl:
  • AR750: Firmware 3.201beta2 - no free space at all to do anything - #2 by eric

I think I addet this too the short test/bug report/future request list already.

Ok - do you recommend to do factory reset and then install 3.201beta2?

I was doing this on this way on GL-AR-750, which have only 16 MB BIOS size, which have possible the same size like your. It can be, on this time will be the best for gl devices with only 16 MB, the firmware 3.103 or 3.14 or 3.105. One of than, can be the 3.103 or 3.104 ar the last one which support TOR by standard (on smal 16 MB BIOS). From my point of view should this last one software, are offered again on download section …

After some tests with 16MB gl router with actual 3.2 beta, and I didn’t get easy support for me by some things, I replaced some by 100 MB Bios size gl router. That save my lifetime for for some things.

I don’t have a GL-MT300N-V2 but I have an AR750 and I see in the specs that both have DDR2 128MB / FLASH 16MB.

I installed openwrt-ar750-3.201-0402.bin (12609K) which is 3.201beta6.
I see your router firmware is 12289K, so it is a little lower than AR750.
I installed it by resetting all settings without saving anything.
Just try to install LUCI, don’t do anything else or surf the internet because if you wait, the few free Kb that remain in the router, I don’t know why, they will decrease until reaching 0Kb and you have to flash firmware again.
If Luci installed ok, then insert a small USB flash drive, mine is an old 512Mb, that’s more than enough space. Before, format it as Ext4.
Go to Luci> System> Mount Points and click Add … then select your USB stick and select Use as external overlay. OK Save and restart the router. Then look Luci> System> Software if you have the extra USB storage like Router Free Space.
I had to do it several times and when it is ready you can install all the plugins you want.


Thank you, @David and @Henry_Bruns
@developers - this sucks!
First, not everyone uses this router to play, but work. Second, to use it on the road with something sticking out of it and consuming extra energy is unacceptable.

This update made something useful to become piece of crap. Why would you even offered this update??

That update fix some good known old security issues from oppenwrt.
On other hand, no or not many own security issues looks fixed for me or offered ideas for improvements also looks mostly ignoredfor me since long time… A, some other router vendor for travel router looks not better for me. Some of other oem router vendor never update anything… Gl looks to me like the lesser selectable evil in some respects. You can only choose from what is available on the market or you can start your own company. The market seems to be there for that.

Do you know a small router hardware for DDWRT, Tomato or like this ?

I have found one 1A hardware in CD case size, wich is one or two cm high. I ordered 2 or 3 of than for testing. Its support DDWRT, have a power consum of 6W (+was the cards need), 4 GB RAM and have 2 slots for WiFi or Wireless Data card and one slot for SSD card. The router is swiss made and use a open source BIOS, OPENWRT and DDWRT are supported.

I dont like to open a own company on this business, a the market is available … If one people like to open one, it can be I can think about to hold some shares…

After install the new firmware and go to advanced setting, then install luci as instructed.

Then I still have 2MB

Maybe the problem was caused by kept the old config etc.

It is now openwrt1907 and the system is too big to hold so many software packages.

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It is now openwrt1907 and the system is too big to hold so many software packages.

simple - in this case, this update shall not be offered for this hardware

GL have a lot of open homeworks…

I have 3.201 on my Mango, running it with LuCI, SQM and adblock on top of the default packages. I have 51% free (2mb), reported on the LuCI|Software page, and 12% (1mb) reported on the Application|Plugins page.

I didn’t have any problems with keeping my packages and config with the betas, but for the release I reset to default and configured fresh. You might try that. It isn’t this firmware, it’s something in your configuration.


Yeah what Alfie meant is that there are changed packages from 18 to 19. If you keep your config, packages that are not used on the system will remain behind, taking up space for no reason. He didn’t mean you can’t run the same programs you install manually, for most people you can run all you need still.

Saving the router config from update to update is good for new users, but once you get a hang of the system, creating a script to set up all the firewall rules, set up config, install programs etc is the recommended thing to use, and not save config when upgrading.

OK, I removed sms, smtp, ppp packages to install lici.
I ssh to the router and found nothing bloated in the configs (the config bkp is only 168K)
now it says 3% free - nothing that you, guys are reporting.

what is that might be?

You cannot remove packages which is preinstalled in the firmware.

You can check /overlay of what is the files there. This is what takes extra space other than the firmware. But do not remove files in /overlay. It is about find out what is the extra files taking the space.

You can go back to / and remove files.

Well, i just uninstalled those i mentioned, and installed Luci afterwards.

How do i check what takes space, if all of you saying you are fine?

If you don’t mind losing your config you can reset and start over?

Actually, I do! This may happen anytime again, and spending hours coming back is not acceptable proposition. Unless we identify the root cause, resetting shall not be even a considered option.

So, what can i do to figure, what occupies the space?

try du -ha /etc/ | sort
replace /etc/ with directory you want to check