GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) randomly stops detecting Wifi that was connected to

Hello, been using Mango for over an year and it always worked flawlessly connecting to my home Wifi.

Recently, Mango just stopped detecting it while all my other devices (phone and other laptops) are connected to the wifi with no issues. If I go to the list of “Saved Networks” and force it to connect gives me the error “wifi not in range”. First time solution was to “Forget” the wifi plus reset and only after at least 2 days, the wifi appeared on its scan again randomly. Configured it again, after working well for a few days, same issue repeats itself.

Used another laptop which is connected to a long cable to the router and giving a secondary wifi on the house, configured this one on the Mango and it worked fine for a few days. Now again, this new wifi does not appear on the Scan from the Mango and when I try to connect gives me the same error “wifi not in range”.

This seems to be a bug related to saved networks on the mango. Wanted to ask if anyone had the same issue and what you done to solve it? Preferably avoiding hard resets which seems just be a matter of time until the issue comes back.

Thank you all in advance!

Do you have any special characters in the SSID and wifi keys?

Also can you check the system log and find out if there is any info about this?

Do the main routers provide the additional WiFi channels 12+13? (maybe JP, DE, AUS…)
The mango does not use channels 12+13 by default as they are not allowed in some countries.
If your main router has some auto channel setting or you restart it, it may change to channel 12 or 13 and Mango will not be able to reconnect.

But you can change the country settings of Mango to activate the channels: