GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) - WiFi issues, V3.102

I received my Mango yesterday, it was loaded with firmware V3.025. Upgrade page suggested upgrade to version V3.102 but auto and manual upgrades were not working. I upgraded firmware from LuCI interface (Advanced settings/firmware update).

I have just basic configuration, WiFi AP with LAN and WAN interfaces and I see these issues in V3.102:

  1. I cannot configure country to enable WiFi channels 12 & 13. Default Mango setting offers only WiFi channels 1-11. I am in EU and I can use channels 12&13 in my country. Country setting is missing in GUI. Missing channels 12&13 means that I cannot connect to some APs those are configured at channel 12 or 13…

  2. LuCI doesn’t have page to configure WiFi! I assume it should be under Interfaces but it is not there (only WAN, WAN6, LAN, GUEST). This URL link ends with error 404: (this is url link from status page where router SSID is visible)

  3. LuCI status page doesn’t describe WiFi status correctly, it shows that type is 802.11bg (should be 802.11bgn), there is no channel, and associated clients are not listed.

Mango use MTK driver that does not compatible with Luci. So no wifi config in luci.

For channel 12 & 13, pls refer to the following]