GL-MT300N-V2 supports wifi n?

Just unboxing this device today and setting it up. One issue I’m running into is the wireless is very slow compared to a LAN cable connection. I can’t get more than 30-40 M on it while my wired connection is showing me 75-85.

On the Status-Overview page at http://XXX.XXX.XXX.1/cgi-bin/luci page under Wireless, I see

Type: 802.11bg
Channel: -
Bitrate: -

So, does the device suport wifi N? The main reason I got this little unit was my old router was only a b/g router.

Does it has a lot of SSID around you? Maybe it causes by interference.

Yeah! It supports 11n, you can select 300Mbps on our webUI.

First, make sure that you’ve selected 802.11n for the operating mode and WPA2+CCMP for the encryption. If you are running the known-insecure and obsolete WEP and TKIP, the rates are limited to the legacy 54 Mbps modulation rates (not to mention it being trivial to crack your network without knowing your pass phrase). Unchecking the “Legacy rates” box is helpful, as anything that still requires those long-abandoned modulation rates will drag down your entire network (802.11n was ratified in 2009, and has been around on devices for probably 15 years now).

Second thing is that the difference between “theoretical” bandwidth and real throughput is quite a bit.

To start with, 40 MHz channels are unusable pretty much anywhere than you can see another house. So you’re immediately down to 72 Mbps from 150 Mbps per stream, modulation rate. Now, many clients don’t support multi-stream, so they’re not going to have any chance to double that, even though the AP is capable of it. Next, you can only get ~80% of the modulation rate as data throughput in laboratory conditions. So you’re down to ~50 Mbps for 802.11n. Add in that if you’ve got other clients, or other APs in the area, those time slices are used by someone else, further dropping your client’s throughput.

So 30-40 Mbps is pretty typical for 2.4 GHz operation.

I came here after searching for this exact question. Need to connect at 300mbps (or nearby sync rates). But ALWAYS connects at 150mbps only. The Laptop’s WiFi is 802.11ac capable.

Why the Status-Overview page at http://XXX.XXX.XXX.1/cgi-bin/luci page under Wireless, shows:
Type: 802.11bg
Channel: -
Bitrate: -

Why doesn’t it show 802.11n or at least 802.11bgn?
Settings Enabled:
Wi-Fi Security : WPA2-PSK
Speed : 300M
TX Power (dBm) : 20

There’s no WPA2+CCMP option in Encryption
Where is the ‘Legacy Rates’ box located?

The Windows 10 x64 Network Interface shows connection at 150mbps. The laptop’s onboard WiFi chip supports Dual-Band. Connecting on 2.4GHz as the GL-MT300N-V2 only supports 802.11n and not 802.11ac. Have tried connecting 300mbps USB WiFi Card, and that too sync’s at 150mbps.

Set Speed : 11M Got 11Mbps
Set Speed : 54M Got 54Mbps
Set Speed : 144M Got 72.2Mbps
Set Speed : 300M Got 150Mbps

The GL-MT300N-V2 Packs a MT7628 chipset, which is supposed to have 2T2R and hence allow syncing at 300Mbps.
Hence please advise the settings on the Router to ensure the 802.11n sync at 300Mbps… assuming the client’s desktop/laptop has capable hardware of syncing at 300Mbps.

Mt300n-v2 use MTK wifi driver. The luci page don’t show the true rate.
What the model of your WiFi Card?
What about the output of

iwinfo ra0 info

Thanks for the reply. But it doesn’t answer the original question.
The Luci Page may not show True Rate, but the WiFi Card Network Properties shows sync at 150mbps only, not 300mbps or nearby (270mbps, 230mbps, etc.)
Model of WiFi Card: Intel Dual band Wireless AC 3160 (internal PCIe WiFi Card). Have tried with external USB WiFi adapter as well as attaching another WiFi router directly into the LAN port of the laptop.
It appears the sync is happening at 1X1 or 1T1R (Single Transmission and Single Reception), which halves the 300mbps to 150mbps for Transmission and 150mbps for Reception.

Sounds like you’re hitting the 40/20MHz item in 2.4GHz - OpenWRT complies with 802.11n, where the primary channel is 20MHz, and 40MHz is opportunistic.

Don’t know how MT and Mango deal with this, but AR’s do 20/40, and I suspect that MT does this as well, as this is standard behavior

2 streams in 802.11n at 20MHz maxes out at 150Mbps

actually, that does not drag down the network one single bit with OpenWRT - I’d leave that check, as 802.11n is backwards compatible.

It’s a bit complex with how 802.11n deals with legacy devices 2.4Ghz, but if one checks that box, it assumes greenfield behavior, so if there is a legacy device anywhere near by, it goes into fullon protection mode, because it must.

I think there’s a simple diagnosis.
The GL-MT300N-V2 may offer 2T2R, but it needs a WiFi receptor that is able to truly support 2T2R or MiMo.
Deselecting Old or Legacy standards is actually recommended. It surely improves reliability and stability, if not throughput.
I think the buyers of GL-MT300N-V2 should also hunt for and buy a USB WiFi or PCIe WiFi Card that truly supports 2T2R. ONLY Then will the GL-MT300N-V2 sync at 300mbps and the same will reflect in Network Properties.
Hence, can anyone suggest a good, reliable (and preferably cheap) USB WiFi with 2T2R?

spoken like a non-technical person :wink:

Honestly, it’s not that simple…

It does - it also supports 20MHz and 40MHz channels in 2.4GHz

40MHz channels do have some caveats, and here, it takes a fair understanding of 11n and the rules in play - it’s not automatic that one can force Wide Channels - at a driver level, it’ll do 20/40, and fallback if the local radio environment says it’s just not possible because of nearby WLAN’s.

Actually, it does not, 802.11n was designed to be backward compatible with 802.11b/g - and it is - disabling older legacy actually introduces issues around greenfield, mixed, and legacy - and for many, it takes things down a more complicated code path.

Again - it takes deep familiarity with the 802.11 specs in general, and knowledge of the rules at hand, just like 20/40.

Pretty much anything with a Atheros, Realtek, or Intel chipset run fine - Intel is not USB obviously, but common in chromebooks and windows laptops.


Non-Technical… OK
But Not Correct? I don’t think so.

I am not here to argue about the technical aspects of WiFi standards. At the very beginning I mentioned that I was here looking at reasons why the new GL-MT300N-V2 cannot sync at 300mbps or near Or Why the device tops out at 150mbps sync.

Having cleared the same, the main issue still remains unsolved. GL-MT300N-V2 will need a 2T2R WiFi receptor to be able to sync at 300mbps. In extension, the request is still not answered…
Please, anyone, suggest a good, reliable (and preferably cheap) USB WiFi with 2T2R that will sync at 300mbps with GL-MT300N-V2.

Do you have some old computer you need to add wifi to?

Laptops already have MIMO Intel based wifi cards, which do go at their rated max speeds.

Please consider that I do have an old desktop or laptop and suggest a good, reliable (and preferably cheap) USB WiFi with 2T2R that will sync at 300mbps with GL-MT300N-V2.

There are millions on Amazon, just pick one from a reputable company?

Read the specs and if they write it can handle 300mbps then you are good.

There are “Millions” and that itself is the conundrum.
Everybody assures 300mbps, including the GL-MT300N-V2.
But only when you dive into the details and conduct extensive research, you come to know the multiple conditions that are required to be met.
And the product listings, including those on Amazon are deliberately short on details.
So far, I have used four different USB WiFi adapters, including DLink. All claimed 300mbps, but all were able to sync ONLY at 150mbps.
Hence, if anybody has managed to sync at 300mbps or similar, please advise which WiFi adapter they used on their PCs to achieve the same.

After extensive Searching Online, I came across a USB WiFi adapter that claims to support:
Data transfer rate of up to 300Mbps (downlink) and 300Mbps (uplink) 2T2R
Chipset: Realtek RTL8192EU Chipset

Can Anyone confirm that TOGETHER, the GL-MT300N-V2 and this USB WiFi Adapter will allow the computer to sync at 300mbps or nearby (270mbps or 230mbps) And NOT half, which is 150mbps?

I don’t think it means too much if you add another wifi dongle. Even it is 300Mbps it may not achieve that speed in reality.

From my experience, generally USB dongle does not provide better performance on the router, except for MV1000 which is much powerful.

Honestly, at this stage, I am obsessed with syncing at 300 mbps or nearby (270mbps or 230mbps) And NOT half, which is 150mbps.

I have hooked up the GL-MT300N-V2 as the Main Router directly, and Want my Computer To Connect With the same wirelessly @ the full-duplex speeds or 2T2R. Hence asking if a USB WiFi Adapter that claims to support 2T2R will help achieve the Sync.

Is it NOT possible to Get 2T2R @300mbps Under ANY circumstances?

Sorry I cannot have an answer for you. Never try wifi dongle on mini router.

Thanks for all the replies. You have been of immense help.
I have been searching high and low on how to get my WiFi to sync at the full-duplex or 2T2R speed of 300mbps or at least somewhere in the vicinity. Here you have patiently put forth the essential science and tech.
But I would appreciate any inputs on how to achieve @300mbps WiFi Sync on 802.11n with or without GL-MT300N-V2