GL-MT300N-V2 - what is the latest stable firmware for OpenVPN?

Greeting to All,

what is the latest stable firmware for GL-MT300N-V2 to use for OpenVPN. I have 2.271 and the web interface thinks this is the latest.

Also, I had lots of custom configurations and wonder how would be easier to have them remained to awoid lots of manual work?

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V3 testing is available which is quite stable but you will need to re-install all config changes again after upgrading.
So, If everything is working, wait for the official release of V3.

What’s the problem with OpenVPN when you use v2.271? As gitlab said, v3.0 is available, but you have to don’t ticked “keep settings” when upgrading.

kyson-lok - my problem is described here:

Try firmware V3!
What do Safer have to say about the error?
Looks like you don’t have internet - how strong is your signal? Try another channel etc.

glitch - I do have internet, the error is intermittent and is gone after the router reboot

The log suggests your router cannot connect to the server, so either your internet is dropping (channel, signal etc.) or Safer is hanging.
If it were me, I would try another provider (I think Nord do a 3 day trial) and see if that stops after 30 minutes too - that way you have narrowed your search for the error. But it seems you are not interested in any suggestions but just want it magically fixed! Good luck with that!

@glitch - your suggestion does not explain the reason the connection resumes after the router reboot, as well it does not explain the reason why none of any of the 30 VPN geographies work when the error occurs either. I do not believe in magic or doing things that do not make sense…

Seems you are stuck with a VPN connection that gets stuck every 30 minutes then!

@glitch A bit more troubleshooting:

  • when the OpenVPN fails as per above discussion, I found that when I reboot the upstream router the VPN comes back;
  • however, at times it doesn’t help.

I conclude: there is a problem with the way the upstream router handles OpenVPN protocol (will investigate), however, when it is persistent my MT300n-v2 gets in trouble and require reboot.