GL-MT300N-V2 + WireGuard (Mullvad) = Starts slow



54 Mbit/s of 60 MBit/s !!!


I will have to do some tests and will then confirm that results.

And of course I will have to write down the changes I made and to find out what exactly did it.

I will tell you as soon as I tested and wrote everything down.

It would be a shame if I’d forget this … now here it is 6:39 in the morning and I did not sleep from Friday to Saturday …

BUT IT WORKS ! :sunglasses:


Please try this.


Do you mean the speed up to 50Mpbs again after changing the MTU value?


would love to know the secret


See here, that’s the tutorial …


I’ve just started trying wireguard on my old MT300N. I have a very good speed with Wireguard. I was having slightly different issue. I wasn’t able to connect to certain https sites even though MSS (I presume this is the mtu_fix param) was on. It turned out that lowering MTU size on wg interface solves the issue.

Default value of MTU on wg interface was 1420. Following command does the trick:
ifconfig wg mtu 1360

Thanks @PiOnEeRReSeArCH