GL-MT300N-V2 Wireless is disabled or not associated

has you can see in the picture, Luci say that yhe wifi is disabled or not connected, but is false.
The wifi works fine.
How I can resolve this bug?

Thank you

Luci is not working with the mtk driver. We don’t have plan to fix luci. Hope it doesn’t matter for you.

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Is there a work around for this? I’ve got the exact same problem.

So why you want to have this in luci?

Actually the good news is that open source WiFi drivers works good on this router. Do you mind to use most updates openwrt firmware for MT300N-V2? You can download from openwrt directly.

I’m using 2.271 firmware. I’m kind of new to linux but I know my way around, what steps do I need to take to get this router to work with wireless clients?
Thanks for the reply as well

To let it work in clients, do you mean it work as bridge? Bridge all your devices to the parent network?

Can you try this: set WDS, don’t type a static IP.

After you do this it should work as bridge. To change back, hold the reset button for 4 seconds.