GL-MT6000 Flint 2 - SQM not shaping upload speed after a reboot

The router is not shaping the upload speed after a reboot, packet steering is disabled, NAT Offloading is disabled.

After enabling SQM:

After a reboot:

As you can see it worked perfectly until I reboot the device, any suggestion?

Guess the service does not start. You need to check the startup scripts.

It is shaping the download speed though so it's weird, I tried on vanilla 23.05.3 and it worked (I'm using 4.5.6 beta2)

After restarting the device, you can check to see if these files are in this folder

Is sqm invalid now?..

Yes. It wasn't working properly. If I go to LuCI and disable it and enable it again, it works, until the next reboot of course


 /etc/init.d/sqm restart 

will it take effect?

It took effect, after a reboot stopped working anyway. Keep in mind that SQM is always shaping the download speed even after a reboot, the problem is with the upload speed/latency

I even put 1mbps as upload speed on the SQM setting just to test, it worked but once I reboot the upload speed is my line speed, it is just ignoring that value after a reboot

You can change this temporarily to see if it takes effect

The exact cause of the problem still needs to be investigated


Any update on this? :thinking:

I was going to try SQM on the new beta but I can't install it, it says Required dependency package kmod-sched-cake is not available in any repository.

I guess the kmod repository is not completely deployed at the time being so we need to wait to try it. Maybe they fixed it
(4.6.0 beta3)

Tried this and SQM it's surviving a restart, by the way I'm on the last op24 firmware, now testing

I tested op23-beta5 and restarting the device sqm seems to work

The installation package kmod-sched-cake is already deployed

SQM is still not shaping the upload speed after a reboot (4.6.0 beta3) I hope it gets fixed natively

Make sure you add " /etc/init.d/sqm restart " on the startup so it can survive a reboot

This happens even in pure openwrt, the problem seems to be related to the sqm package

I’ll try the open source one, by the way having a native SQM option on the GL.iNET GUI would be a great feature, giving the user the option to enter download and upload speeds just like in LuCI, with the default cake options it should work good. That’s even a good feature for marketing. My network’s latency is horrible when downloading things even though I have fiber so SQM is mandatory, especially for calls/gaming, unless your connection is hundreds of mbps which is not even available in my country.