GL-MV1000 brume vanilla openwrt support

Will the brume ever support vanilla openwrt? Does GL plan to submit patches to openwrt for this fantastic small little router?

Yes, we will wait for the software to be fully functional and submit the patch to openwrt19.07

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I’m using vanilla openwrt since a while now, with vlans, dnsmasq, unbound and a lot of stuff configured. It’s rock stable and works really well. Just the led patches are missing, but since the router is in a cabinet that does not really matter to me.
What’s missing for openwrt? Is it just the led patches?

@Simon can you share some info for brume vanilla build?

i did some custom build in the past but none for a “new device”, gl-inet takes forever to submit patches.

thank you for your time and info.


Sure. What do you want to know?

@Simon i did some build for devices already in device tree with make menuconfig nothing special or advanced, i guess for a new device i’ll have to use dts file from gl-inet repo but i have no idea, or i’m trying to figure out, where to place files ad where to create a make file for new device. i also have no need for leds or other, device is just routing on top of shelf… any info would be great.

many thanks


This is how I did it: GL-MV1000 web interface not accessible

If you have any specific questions just ask away!

@Simon many thanks, this commit answer all my questions about where to put info for new device, i guess that i need to start reading and merge info needed for mv1000 in my build directory.

any specific part i should avoid?


sorry for late feedback… did my build from stable tag v19.07.2, many thanks @Simon again.

let hope devs @Gl-inet will soon add support in openwrt official!



There is a commit that fix the led on the brume