GL-SFT1200 (Opal) Access WAN while VPN

HI all,

I ordered a Gl-Inet Opal Router with v. 4.3.11 ( which is connected via WAN port to my Fritz!Box 6600 Cable ( VPN is configured to a remote network ( I would like to connect a Samsung TV to the remote network thats why I choose setup.

VPN connection, remote wan connection as well as wan connection are running, but it seems like that some services are not working. For example DLNA at the Samsung TV. Cannot find my qnap on the network.

Any idea what to do, to get this running?

Kind regards

This isn’t possible out of the box because they all use protocols which are designed for home networks only.

You need to try alternatives like this one:

Searching the the forum might be a good way to start as well: Search results for 'dlna' - GL.iNet