Hello friends. Would anyone happen to know which is the correct easytether driver is for the GL-SFT1200 Router?

Unfortunatelly there is no easytethering driver for SFT1200.

Wow! Thats hard to believe. But I trust your knowledge with this whole thing. I got it today from amazon. Strange thing is when I was setting it up, the light went out, & never came back on. Im still trying to figure out what happened. I already set up the refund for Amazon so I guess I’ll be taking it back to the UPS store tomorrow. This unit may not be that great.:smile:

I couldnt even do the uboot because the light jus went out on the unit.

So the device died?

If you connect power and the light never light on, then it is died.

Yea, really strange. I distinctly remember going through the settings & I got to the part where it said install luci in advanced settings. It said failed to update, I unplugged the unit, figuring I would just try it again, & when I plugged it back in, it never turned back on after that. Lol. It’s all good, because Amazon has a 60-minute refund back onto your gift card once returned the UPS Store. :blush:

I have the GL-750S, GL-MT1300, & the WRT-1900AC Routers, all working great with Easytether. Jus wanted to see if this would work too. I didnt get the chance to go into advanced settings to look at status system, & look at Architecture, jus to see if it matched up with any of the Easytether Drivers. I also didn’t even get to see the open wrt firmware version. I like to Tinker with these kind of things. Once I make the return I’m going to order another one. Would you happen to have a screenshot of the status system that you can send me? Just curious, I’d like to see what’s on it.

I have a just recv’d the GL-SFT1200 Opal and I cannot get it to connect via Tethering to my Samsung S7 phone. My laptop has no problem tethering to the S7 using the same cord. When I plug that same cord into the Opal, it does not connect.

I was able to get the Opal to connect to my home wireless system successfully, but that is not what I want. It needs to be able to connect(Tether) to my cell phone for data/Internet connection so I can use multiple devices through it.

Any suggestions or directions on what is wrong? I ws really looking forward to this working well, otherwise I will return it to Amazon and buy the GL-iNet Mango.

I bought the same unit. I got it yesterday. After a moment of setting it up, it jus shut off completely. Maybe this unit still has a few bugs to be fixed. I would advise you to get the GL-MT1300. I have this unit & it works flawlessly great.

Can you please send me a screen shot of your status system page. It’s going to show the firmware & other things on that page to.

Send me a screen shot on the GL-SFT1200 status system page. Its gonna look like what I just sent you, but this is the GL-MT1300.

No such page exists within the GL-sft1200 unit. I’ve searched every page available; none like the one you sent.

Could the answer be as simple as obtaining a USB 3.0 cable?

Well, this unit only has a 2.0 usb. In order to find that page, you have to go into Advanced Settings, status system

There is not a Status System page anywhere in the sft1200 menu. Under Advanced Settings, here’s what it there:

Ok, you have to hit where it says, Thats going to open you to another page.

You have to be connected to internet

Let me know if this is what you need, or do you need me to supply more data.

I am trying to Tether to it with a Samsung S7 smartphone. Will this work with the Opal?

Ok, on your S7, go into settings, hit data usage, make sure data saver is off on your phone. Back out of that, now go into mobile hotspot & tethering, hit that, now plug the GL-SFT1200 into the phone, you should see the option to turn on USB tethering, turn it on. If this doesn’t work, turn on developer options on your cell phone, and enable USB debugging. Go to YouTube to find out how to enable developer options, then repeat what I explained to do.

Well, that got it working for a brief few minutes, then it would not connect again.

I have decided to return the Opal and have ordered a Mango to replace it. A friend has been using the Mango with great success, so will trust that I have the same experience with it. too bad, I was really hoping the new Opal would work better out-of-the-box.

Ok, instead of getting the mango, go for the GL-MT1300. Its better then both of the them, & it works flawlessly. I also have it, & never had a problem with it.