GL-X3000 - Bridge Mode WAN IP Passthrough

No. No wifi, no ip address over ethernet…nothing. The only thing I’ve been able to get it to respond to is entering uboot mode and accepting a firmware update. Beyond that, nothing. Is it possible that the setting for pass through is not being set back and that’s conflicting with the initial boot setup? That’s the only logical thing I can think of beyond it being completely broken.

This would be simple enough for people at my skill level until a one-click button on the general UI is made.

Should do a 10 seconds reset to clear all the settings.

Using the script shared by GLi.Net I have enabled Passthrough mode in the Spitz X-3000, everything is working fine, I have access to the Admin Panel and the Mobile iOS app, but I lost access to SSH, before Passthrough SSH was working fine. I am using the default IP:, in Luci I enabled SSH only on the LAN interface (photo below), do I have to enabled another interface? Thanks

UPDATE: If I configure the interface as unspecified , means listening on all interfaces, it will connect via SSH successfully.

Which port is Ethernet 1? The one closest to the AC adapter connector?