GL-X3000 - Bridge Mode WAN IP Passthrough

This is the answer from Gemini as of 10.03.2024
(I asked if one could save the profile to the card from the a phone)

Unfortunately, that functionality is no longer available on SIM cards.
The profile is stored on the phone’s internal storage.

Here’s why saving APN profiles directly to SIM cards isn’t possible anymore:

  • Limited SIM Card Storage:
    SIM cards have very limited storage capacity, typically only enough for basic information like your carrier ID, phone number, and maybe some temporary settings. They aren’t designed to store complex configurations like APN details.

  • Security Concerns:
    Storing sensitive information like APN credentials (username and password) directly on the SIM card could pose security risks in case the SIM card is lost or stolen.

Even if the APN name itself is simple, like “abcde.ab.ab”, it wouldn’t be possible to save it directly to a modern SIM card. Here’s why:

APN profile includes more than name: The APN name is just one part of the entire APN configuration. Other details like proxy, port, username, and password (if required) are also crucial for connecting to a specific network. These additional details can make the overall profile more complex than just a simple name.

So, even with a seemingly simple APN name, the limitations and security concerns around SIM card storage prevent saving the entire profile directly.


I can say though that i have tried the latest Firmware “Snapshot”
version: 4.6.0 (2024-03-08) openwrt-xe3000-4.6.0-0308-1709834947.bin
and it does save the profile to the router after a restart, but doesn’t have any internet connectivity when used injunction with with this passthrough method mentioned in the above post… “yet”.

I looking forward to the fix for the stable version. :smiley:

any idea when this fix/update will roll out?

Can you program the router to save the manually added APN(in my case " after a restart?
—>Do you mean that multiple APNs can be stored in the same SIM?

I’m assuming that the profiles of manually configured APNs are saved on the router.

With the current version the saved setting become null and void after a restart.

Thus I would like to see the option to save profile in the next update. Like on the last updated snap shot version that I mentioned before.

What ever they did there worked. Only problem with the snapshot is that the internet connection doesn’t work with the passthrough script when activated in ssh.

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Other 5G routers like Chester Cheetah recommend using DMZ as that works as a pseudo passthrough. Would that work in the scenario until the bridge feature is launched?

No, that is different than passthrough / bridging.

I was excited to try this out and feel like I’m ALMOST there.

Setup is a Tmobile SIM card for WAN and a OPNSense firewall for LAN. After doing a system reset, I enable bridging and see the WAN IP on the FW change from a private one to a public address. However, at that point the internet stops working. I can ping the FW gateway (which has a public address) but can’t get any further. If I set the GL-X3000 back to Router mode everything starts working again.

Trying to think of anything I might have missed or could try. Any ideas?