GL-X3000 - Bridge Mode WAN IP Passthrough

Hi all,

Just got a new GL-X3000 router. I am really happy with its 5G performance in upload and download but I haven’t managed to set it up in bridge mode (WAN IP Passthrough).

I would like to set-up the GL-X3000 has a modem only. It will be in front of another more powerful router that will handle the DHCP, port forwarding and the firewall.

Is that feature already implemented ? If so, how can I use it ? Did anyone manage to set one up with Openwrt modules such as trelay ?


We have an experimental feature. You can try enabling it via SSH.
We cannot yet guarantee its availability in most environments. If it fails, press and hold the reset button next to the device’s SIM slot for 4s to switch back to router mode.

curl -k -H 'glinet: 1' -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"call","params":["","netmode","set_mode",{"mode":"passthrough","mask":"auto"}],"id":1}'

Please note, it must use Ethernet 1 if you need passthrough from Ethernet cable and it may not work if any of the following settings are enabled Tethering, Drop-In Gateway mode, IPv6, manually set DNS, Multi-WAN set to load balanced mode, WAN port set as LAN, VPN policy is in use, Any firewall setting has been added, MAC address has been set manually.

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I’m definitely also interested in this as a final feature, thanks!

I would be interested also

This would be very useful