As the title suggests, I have a GL-X3000 connected to TMO (either the business or TMHI SIM), and I know that I have the following bands and get carrier aggregation. The AT+QCAINFO gives:

+QCAINFO: “PCC”,520110,10,“NR5G BAND 41”,364
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,125530,3,“NR5G BAND 71”,1,316,0,-,-
And according to the GUI the signal levels and measurements are all Excellent to Good!


BUT if I turn OFF the SA mode and go to NSA mode with Band 66 LTE and N41 5GNR I am getting download speeds of around 300 to 350Mbps and uploads of 25Mbps

I did notice there was a thread where someone talked about NO upload and seeing other devices having better upload

Could this be the Modem itself? Firmware? Antenna? Any help or thoughts?

I mean the signal level and quality (I am one mile line of site to the tower, and yes I am connecting to that tower) is very good, and I would think that the SA download speed should be greater since the NSA does indeed give me greater upload speed.

PS I do use upload speed for my Plex remote video being served by my NAS for my family.

I have TMHI and I generally get maybe up to 10mbps upload at its best where my service is right now. Download speeds are similar to maybe a little slower than what you show at times. I just need it fast enough where it is to remote desktop stuff like rdp and vnc primarily. It works fine for my use at the speeds I am getting.

I ended up connecting my X3000 to a 4x4 Waveform antenna and get way better upload speeds. I don’t think the stock antennas are all that great.

This is good info. I am considering a pepwave or parsec antenna for mine and this helps strengthen the case. (I use mine in my RV).

Which model of Waveform are you using?

This one here, but I didn’t buy the kit…just the antenna. And I didn’t put it outside. It just sits on my desk. I’m really close to the tower I connect to.

I have the same problem of lousy upload speeds myself that I had to go on a hunt to find where in my house that had the best upload speeds. The uploads went from 2-3 Mbps to ~20Mbps after physically moving the router a specific spot. We really are at the mercy of network coverage when using wireless broadband.

I had the same issue with either n41+n71 or n41+n25. A Quectel modem firmware update fixed the issue. But before it fixed the issue, I found that CA was actually not working quite right on the 5G RM520N-GL so I disabled CA and just locked it onto a single band of n41, and lo and behold, my upload speeds went from a measly 5Mbps up to 80Mbps.


Wow, quite a jump. I am running the latest firmware I saw from March of this year. I may have to look into disabling CA and testing it out. Right now I am about 300 down and 10 up with the router sitting inside my RV inside of a metal building. Not ideal, so I need to play with it more when I have it out next.

Do you mind explaining what’s CA?

CA == Carrier Aggregation

It bonds multiple frequency bands to theoretically give you more DL/UL speeds. So for example, TMO (U.S.) n41 band here is 100 MHz wide, and n71 is 20 MHz. CA would bring the total up to 120 MHz. But what I was discovering was any time CA was in play, my upload speeds were suffering. So I disabled CA on the modem and locked it to a single n41 band and upload speeds increased dramatically.

I see. How does one check if CA is enabled and go about disabling it?

Issue the modem command AT +QCAINFO and see if it shows just a PCC (no CA) or if it shows PCC+SCC (CA).

Interesting! Which version of the FW do you have? I may play around with that!

AND per your setup, I actually did the single band of SA (we have n41 and n71) and n41 gave GREAT download and crappy upload still. n71 was 2/3 slower download but EPIC download. I just can’t get them to play together HA HA!

I am going to do some testing with moving the box around and may actually consider getting Waveform antenna. Our topology is potentially part of the issue. YES we are about 1 mile from the tower but, that tower sits on. the highest point of a long, slightly sloping landscape.

So MAYBE putting the antenna a bit higher on the house may get a clearer shot. ALL of our signal metrics are good but the RSRP bounces in the “good range” with some “fair”. WILL REPORT BACK, but this thread has some great info!

Can you look at your n71 statement about download and clarify which statement applies to upload? Slower or EPIC?

Router Firmware: 4.4.8 — 2024-04-19
Modem Firmware: RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G_01.202.01.202 — 2024-02-01

Instructions followed: Upgrade Quectel Module Software - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Note: QFirehouse is already pre-installed. You do not need to install it again.

Well I got one thing going for me, I have the same ROUTER and MODEM firmware already installed so that at least gives me one solid “control” datapoint! THANKS FOR THE INPUT!

So it is appearing that … perhaps it is “modem location” or “antenna” dependent. :grinning:

Do you have line of sight to the tower? I would like to have an antenna that is set up like that. My window is facing towards the tower, but the window is on ground floor.

I ran a little test using foil to block the path opposing the tower and I am seeing about +3 to +6 signal improvements in RSRP + SINR. Upload speed went from around 10Mbps to about 15Mbps which is a nice increase. Now I can keep my $0.02 foil there or buy a decent $250 antenna from Waveform. Download speed went from about 200Mbps to around 250Mbps using foil. I didn’t think foil would improve this much.

Note: Tower lock (not band lock) is enabled on n41.

Interesting increases with just simple foil.
I have good speeds here at my house…300+/30+ but when we RV, we are often in lower signal areas.
I was going to get a Waveform to roof mount…currently, I have the Spitz mounted in a window.
But, I think I may play with the foil over Memorial Day weekend. We are in a 1 bar (cellphone) area. I want to see what, if any, improvement a .02 cent piece of foil can make based on your results. :grinning: