Spitz AX (GL-X3000) no upload

Just received my Spitz AX (GL-X3000). I’m using it with my T-Mobile home internet SIM. I’m using fbb.home for my APN. TTL not required with this hot spot SIM. It’s all setup and connected to the internet with great download speeds that I would expect using bands N25/N41 SA. But, I have almost no upload speeds when running speed tests. It doesn’t matter if I use Ookla, Fast, etc…my uploads are always slow. Signal metrics are excellent as seen in my screen capture. I have reset the unit and set it up again with the same results. As a comparison, I typically get upload speeds in the 70’s (Mbps) with my other cellular routers.
Any ideas? I’m running the latest stable firmware.

Speed test example.

Have you tested this directly in a comparison or is this a general assumption?
It can happen that only the upload is overloaded.

I can switch between my two other gateways rerunning the exact same speed test with the same server/SIM and get high uploads on my other devices.

Hello, may I ask how much upload speed you have on other devices? And what devices?

I have a Suncomm 01 and a Suncomm CP520. Both devices get 70 Mbps upload consistently. Other devices I have had in the past have also had no issues with upload. I am close to my tower and can see it from my house. Signal metrics are not an issue.

I have the same problem. I get better speed even with mudi.

Spitz AX (GL-X3000)


Samsung Galaxy z Flip 5

Well I had some time to really invest on trying to figure this out. I noticed when running AT+QRSRP that the very first (Primary) number was -106 which is pretty crappy. This is connected to N25/N41 SA which gives me the best overall speeds (minus the horrible upload on the Spitz). I decided to connect the Spitz to my Waveform 4x4 mimo antenna. I wanted to confirm that the side antenna ports were indeed the main ports so I left the two back antennas off and ran AT+QRSRP. Afterward the last two numbers were horrible and confirmed the side ports are the mains. Yes I know the one port is labeled main already…just trying to satisfy my OCD. Anyway I connected the Spitz to my waveform and my numbers have improved quite a bit. I’m posting some pics that speak for themselves.

With all of the above said…I never had low upload issues with my Suncomm devices on the stock stick antennas.

Hi Keizer:
It seems that the selection of the speedtest server is inconsistent, can you choose the same server to help verify again?

I think you’re late to the party!!

It’s ridiculous that there is an antenna problem. In the same place, even “Mudi” without an antenna is better, not to mention the phone. Also, the operator’s antenna tower is very close to my house, 300-400 meters away in a visible location.

My problem is not the antenna, because a few months ago, 4g internet had 100 mbps download and 25~30 mbps upload speed. My operator changed the antennas on the antenna towers to 4g+ and that’s when the problem started. I think the modem is having trouble choosing a band.

There’s definitely something a miss with the antenna reception. It’s disappointing that I have to connect the Spitz to my Waveform 4x4 to get the same upload performance as my Suncomm devices with their factory stick antennas.

I’m experiencing similar, but not quite as bad, with the Puli gl-xe3000.

I’ve found that my home’s walls have a substantial impact on uploads, and I can easily get 3x upload speeds by standing outside on my balcony with the router rather than just inside the closed wood door.

  • Inside, the n41 band speeds speeds are 350Mbps down / 11 Mbps up.
  • Outside, I get 400Mbps down and 38-40Mbps up.

Wish the upload were better with the built in antenna. I’m considering Proxicast 4x4 MIMO because it’s small, though it’s another $120. and Waveform’s 4x4 MIMO panel is too big for where I need to put it and expensive! Any thoughts?

Will Gl Inet release an antenna soon? I’d like something 4x4 MIMO that is a good value and physically small.

Hi pulio:

Could you please help to check the following information indoors and outdoors?




+QRSRP: -88,-99,-91,-90,NR5G


+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“NR5G-SA”,“TDD”,310,260,1801D212D,852,794E00,520110,41,12,-88,-11,20,1,-



+QRSRP: -77,-88,-76,-76,NR5G


+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“NR5G-SA”,“TDD”,310,260,1801D212D,852,794E00,520110,41,12,-77,-11,17,1,-


@lizh Note: I’m locked to a tower that uses n41 because that’s fastest overall for me.

Can you elaborate on this? Are you saying that you have band locked the router to only use band n41?

If so that might be part of the issue. By band locking you have eliminated the router’s carrier aggregation capability which allows it to connect to multiple bands simultaneously. Band n41 is fast but doesn’t have the range of lower frequency bands. For download speeds the range is less of an issue because you have a very high power cell tower pushing the data to your router. For upload speed you have your very low power router pushing the data back to the tower. Often the router will use a different band for the upload that works better with the lower output power of the router. 95% of the time you are best off not locking any bands and letting the tower and router communicate and choose the best bands for download and upload and as previously mentioned they are often not the same band.

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Note: I’m locked to a tower that uses n41 because that’s fastest overall for me.

Are you saying that you have band locked the router to only use band n41?

No, not band locked. I used the router’s GUI Tower Lock feature and selected the highest rated tower that shows n41 within the list.

95% of the time you are best off not locking any bands and letting the tower and router communicate and choose the best bands

In my case, without tower locking it always chooses n71, as shown in the router’s GUI, and my speed tests get ~25Mbps for both down and up.
(When I tower lock, it then uses n41 and I get ~350Mbps down and ~11Mbps up.)

My ideal would be n41 for down and n71 for up. But AFAICT, that’s not possible; the GUI shows only one active band at a given time and the speed tests seem to support this.

p.s. I actually have the 5G Puli AX GL-XE3000, but functionally the same as Spitz. On Tmobile US.