GL-X750 v2 Spitz and USB-PD to 12V DC dongle

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I'm planning to use a tiny dongle which takes USB-PD in, negotiates 12V, and provides 12V on a barrel plug, to power my Spitz from a USB-PD power supply which provides the (optional, per the spec!) 12V voltage.

One little wrinkle: since 12V is an optional voltage for USB-PD power supplies, if it is not available, the dongle instead negotiates 9V and passes that to the barrel plug.

Can anyone confirm that the Spitz will not be harmed by having 9V fed to it, in the event this setup is plugged into a USB-PD supply which does not offer 12V?

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In my experience, giving a lower than desirable voltage to the router has a chance to clear all settings and factory reset for some reason. If you can find a PD trigger that gates the voltage output, that would be preferable.

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A lower voltage generally does not damage the router.

X3000 Spitz AX works with a wide range or voltage. X750V2 does not.

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If I get some spare time, I will test with a non 12V capable power supply and see if it induces a factory reset.

I am happy to report that Spitz GL-X750 does work just fine with this dongle and a 12V capable charger.

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